Many Children with Autism Unable To Get Critical Treatment, Due to the Exorbitant Expense

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April 2, was National Autism Awareness day. While treatment exists for autism, many children cannot get treatment due to the exhorbitant expense. Parents fighting school districts for critical ABA services for their child, now have available two new free resources from JoAnn Collins author of Disability Deception. All children deserve treatment, not only those children whose parents can afford the expense!

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April 2nd of this year was national autism awareness day, and many television programs and other media outlets talked about autism and treatment. But what they did not tell you, is that while treatments for autism exist; they are extremely expensive and not available for all children, who's parents cannot afford the expense.

While there are different treatments for autism, the educational treatment recommended by research, is called applied behavioral analysis or ABA. Autism Healing Thresholds states that the cost of ABA per student, is between $30-50,000 a year. ABA is recommended to start around age three and usually continues three to four years.

Applied behavioral analysis has several research studies to show its effectiveness. In the study "Intensive Behavioral Treatment for Children with Autism; 4 year outcomes and predictors" by Allen O. Sallows and Tamlynn Graupner; in the American Journal on Mental Retardation 2005 417-438 110 (6) found that "48% of all children showed rapid learning, and achieved average post treatment scores, and at age 7 were succeeding in regular education classrooms."

What is important to know is that if a child receives ABA treatment, the amount of money saved over the child's lifetime is immense. In a 1998 study by John W. Jacobson titled "Cost-Benefit Estimates for early Intensive Behavioral Intervention, for young children with autism" found that "with a success rate of 47 percent for early intensive behavioral intervention therapy, cost savings per child served are estimated to be from $2,439,710 to $2,826,535 to age 55." (Autism Speaks document--"Arguments in Support of Private Insurance Coverage of Autism-Related Services" October 24, 2007).

Parents advocating for ABA services as part of their child's free appropriate public education (FAPE) face an up hill battle. Parents often must file for a due process hearing, and possibly go to federal court, to have the school district pay for ABA. Many families unable to afford to fight school districts for ABA, have their child go without needed treatment, which will forever negatively impact their life.

JoAnn Collins author of "Disability Deception; Lies Disability Educators Tell and How Parents Can Beat Them at Their Own Game" is now offering two free resources to help parents trying to get an appropriate education for their child, to include ABA programs.

First resource is free articles on special education, are now available on several opt in Ezine Websites to include Ezine Articles (can be found at EZine articles is one of the few opt in Ezine Websites where you can find specific articles by author:

M.H. from California states: "Wow! The articles you posted contain very useful & practical information! I am someone who has benefitted from your inspiring, supportive, enlightening articles."

A second free resource is an E newsletter entitled "The Special Education Spotlight," Shining a light on truth and deceptions in special education. The May 1, 2008 newsletter has information about autism and ABA.

L.M. from Illinois states "This newsletter is a wonderful resource! I am copying it now to share with others. The links in the newsletter are wonderful."

All children with autism, despite their parent's income, have the right to develop to their full potential, and live a fulfilled life. These new free resources can help parents in the fight for their child's life!

JoAnn Collins Publishing was started in 2007 to tell the truth about special education. JoAnn Collins has been an advocate for over 15 years, helping parents navigate the special education system.


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