Safe-"T" Is The Difference Between Seal And Steal- Folder/Sealers From ABC Office

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Classified mailers such as paychecks and benefits statements can be prepared for mailing by doing nothing more than clicking "print." In-line, all-in-one folder/sealers are available at ABC Office.

ABC Office announces folder/sealers that work in tandem with printers, so pressure sensitive mailers can be prepared without the risk of interference. The term "pressure sensitive mailers" refers to the documents, usually private in nature, that are sealed to themselves, alleviating the need for envelopes. The primary purpose for using mailers is to protect the information contained within the text of the document. Once the document, which is printed on specific paper, is placed in the folder/sealer machine, no one can access the information without breaking the seal. Now, ABC Office offers folder/sealers that connect directly to select printers, so the confidential document goes from the computer to the mail without being handled or seen. Every business should have a folder/sealer for processing their paychecks, invoices, investment statements and other financial forms to protect themselves and their employees.

Nationally, unless by mistake, banks will not allow anyone to cash a check without a photo ID and an account with the bank. If someone did steal a check, the issuer would simply void it and cut another one. Hence, check thievery is not a very lucrative or intelligent business. But not all criminals are stupid. The reason to secure financial papers is for the personal information that is included on them. Thieves can use them to steal a person's identity. When a folder/sealer is utilized and coupled with a printer, only the person sending the document and the person receiving the document have access to the information. (It's conceivable that a mail carrier could attempt to open or steal the document, but that person would have to be even dumber than the check thieves by narrowing the suspects down to one.)

Besides being a crucial security precaution, folder/sealers are just practical. ABC Office carries machines that vary in power to accommodate any business' mailer needs and any employee can operate them. They save time and eventually money, especially when contrasted with the legal costs of identity theft brought about by not using a machine. Previously, printing and inserting the documents were the only less than convenient parts of the mailer-making process. Now, even that has been amended so the entire procedure takes not effort at all.

For more information, please contact David Stuart, Supervisor of Marketing, at 1-800-658-8788


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