Codejock Releases ToolkitPro and SuitePro 2008 Vol. 1 for Visual C++ and ActiveX

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Volume 1 is a huge release for Codejock, and the first major release of 2008. This release introduces many new key features and enhancements including New XAML markup support, New Skin Builder Application, New Office 2007 style Mini Toolbar, New Office 2007 style Message Bar, New Access 2007 style Tabs, New Visio 2007 style Side Panels, New Outlook 2007 style Calendar Navigation, Enhanced Office 2007 Style Status Bar, Enhanced Office 2007 Theme Support, Enhanced Button Features, Enhanced Command Bars Theme Support, Enhanced Command Bars Features, Enhanced Docking Pane Theme Support, Complete Ribbon Feature and Option List.

Codejock a leading provider of modern user interface components, today announced the release of ToolkitPro 2008 Vol. 1 for Visual C++ MFC and SuitePro 2008 Vol. 1 for ActiveX COM. This release provides a comprehensive set of fully customizable user interface components for use with Visual C++ MFC, ActiveX COM and Microsoft .NET development platforms.

This release incorporates many new features and enhancements to this full featured product line including:

New XAML Markup Language Support
Built in support has been added to provide powerful text formatting using the XAML Markup Language. Tags can be used to easily incorporate hyperlinks, buttons, images and various text formatting styles for the ToolTip, Caption and Text properties of a control. Such formatting makes it easy to provide rich content to desktop applications. Now instead of displaying standard plain text Tooltips, XAML Tags can be used to display images with formatted text. In the case of a tree control like that in Outlook, the nodes of the tree can use XAML Tags to format the text to indicate new mail by bolding the text and colorizing how many new messages have been received. XAML Tags will also allow partial strings to be colorized and formatted, and an image nested within the text. Virtually any type of formatting can be applied to the ToolTip, Caption and Text properties for a control, with an almost endless supply of options when using XAML snippets.

New Skinbuilder Application
Codejock's new Skinbuilder application provides advanced functionality for editing and creating Visual Styles (skins) to be used with Skin Framework. This brings a whole new level of functionality to the Skin Framework because now pre-created skins are no longer required, and a completely new skin can be created from scratch or using a pre-existing skin as a template.

New Office 2007 style Mini Toolbar
The new Mini Toolbar provides an Office 2007 style context toolbar and menu that can be used to display a popup containing commonly used tasks that are relevant to a particular task or event such as text selection. This can also save the user time by making font related tasks readily available without fumbling through tabs or menus.

New Office 2007 style Message Bar
The new Office 2007 style message bar provides an area that can be used to display custom messages similar to Office 2007 when opening a document with an "unsafe" macro or other "unsafe" content in MS Word 2007 and fully supports the XAML Markup Language.

New Access 2007 Style Tabs
The new Access 2007 style tabs provide enhanced features for grouping content into tabular format to be used with Command Bars, Docking Pane and Tab Controls.

New Visio 2007 Style Side Panels
New support has been added to Docking Panes which enables panes to be docked to the inside client area of an application, keeping the currently set width and height. This is similar to Visio 2007 where side docking is limited to the inside edges of the client area. When side docking is used, any pane that is dragged to an inside edge of the client area "snapping" to that inside edge of the client area, allowing for great space organization, especially when the auto hide feature has been enabled.

New Outlook 2007 Style Calendar Navigation
The new Calendar Navigation Bar provides enhanced features for easy navigation, and gives users enhanced methods for changing the current day and view settings of the Calendar view. The View button can be used to change to Calendar display to one day, one week, or a full month. The Previous and Next Appointment buttons make it easy to see when there are more appointments in the calendar by jumping to the next or previous days appointment.

Enhanced Office 2007 Style Status Bar
New support has been provided for Office 2007 style switches, progress bars and sliders which can now be incorporated in the Status Bar component. The slider control provides support similar to the zoom slider seen in Word 2007 and can be used for any task desired. Switches (or buttons) can be grouped together to show related tasks. The Progress Bar provides a convenient way to display the status of time consuming tasks.

Enhanced Office 2007 Theme Support
Enhanced support has been added for all components that support the Office 2007 style theme providing full support for blue, black and silver colors. Additional theme support has also been added for Calendar to support additional Office themes.

Enhanced Button Features
The already feature rich button control has been enhanced to give the option of looking like a button dropdown and split button popup. This allows menus or some other object to get displayed when the button is clicked.

Enhanced Command Bars Theme Support
New built in support has added to Command Bars to provide a Visual Studio 2008 style look and feel for desktop applications.

Enhanced Command Bars Features
Many new features have been added to Command Bars and Ribbon that include Up Down, Hyperlink, Bitmap and Markup Label controls to provide enhanced features to obtain user input.

Enhanced Docking Pane Theme Support
New built in support has added to Docking Panes to provide a Microsoft Word 2007 style look and feel for desktop applications using Docking Panes.

Complete Ribbon Feature and Option List
With the addition of the Mini Toolbar and Message Bar the Ribbon now complies with all of the Office 2007 UI Guidelines. All Office2007 elements are now implemented, both required and optional.

A complete list of all new features can be found in the release notes for each product, found on the company's website,

About Codejock
Codejock Technologies, LLC is based in Morrice, Michigan and provides reusable software components to enhance the user interface of Windows Desktop Applications. Codejock components help to facilitate rapid software development using Visual C++ MFC, ActiveX COM and .NET technologies. Codejock is committed to helping software developers realize their goals with modern interface components, superior customer service and technical support. Codejock's products and evaluation versions available for download on the company's website, for more information visit


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