Mother's Day - Is It Really Possible That Finding The Perfect Gift Can Be This Easy?

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Don't sweat Mother's Day this year. Choosing the right gift for Mom has never been this easy or fun. This hilarious free guide promises to keep you from screwing up again this year.

How many guys cringe at the thought of finding a gift for their mother or wife on Mother's Day? It's a problem few are willing to discuss in public, if at all. But one man, celebrated e book author and internet marketing guru Louie Lucillio, has broken the silence.

In his groundbreaking free e book, "'Member Mom: An Insider's Guide to Choosing a Unique and Wonderful Gift for the Woman Who Brought You (or Your Kids) Into This World," live-at-home son Louie Lucillio lays bare the secrets of Mother's Day success as only an insider can.

"'Member Mom" is filled with direct, practical advice. No need to watch "Oprah" or "explore your feminine side." Just straight to the point talk only a grizzled veteran can provide. For example, when choosing a card, avoid at all costs choosing something you like, especially if it's humorous.

"Here's all you need to know to pick out a Mother's Day card for your wife: Pick out the gushiest, prettiest card you can find. Trust me; you can't go wrong here."

"If you really want to impress her, pick out the two gushiest, prettiest cards you can find, and give them both to her. How many guys give their wives two Mother's Day cards? Not very many. Tell her that both cards expressed in unique ways how wonderful she is, and you just couldn't
choose between them, so you got both. She'll think you're the greatest!"

But Louie is not all about getting down to brass tacks. Throughout the guide he provides glimpses of a warm, personal relationship with his mother. In the section on gifts for pet lovers, he lets down his guard.

"My Mom threatens to start building up the cat collection again as soon as I move out. She'll need a copy of 'Cat Secrets Revealed', if she's going to avoid a repeat of the Binky episode. I've been sworn to secrecy under threat of having to do my own laundry, but let's just say Mom better be real glad that America's Funniest Home Videos has editorial standards."

Despite howls of protest from within the e book authoring and internet marketing communities, Lucillio has broken all the rules with his latest production. Foregoing outsourcing to cheap labor developing nations, he wrote this guide first hand. Eschewing pidgin English, he uses proper grammar while employing spell checking and proof readers. Putting in the time and effort to produce a quality free product is sure to earn Louie the cold shoulder, if not the outright hostility, of his so-called "peers" in the industry. But he remains undeterred.

Download your free copy of 'Member Mom at right now and decide for yourself.

Louie has also made available copies with re-branding rights for those intrepid marketers who want to experiment with giving away quality content to their customers. Information on that can be found at


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