New Automotive OEM and Aftermarket Product Invention Revealed On Seeks Manufacturers or Angel Investors

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A new safer automotive OEM and aftermarket invention seeks manufactures and/or angel investor/partners to bring the device to the waiting market. It's a unique opportunity to carve out market share.

A new and innovative vehicle side-view mirror designed by a Houston inventor solves a growing problem facing automobile drivers worldwide. The patents pending design helps prevent automobile accidents by allowing drivers to maintain a view to the front of their vehicle, while simultaneously checking to the side and rear during merging operations. This is important to allow for quicker reaction times to changing events happening in front of the vehicle such as braking lead vehicles and pedestrians entering the roadway.

A driver's peripheral vision is essential to driving safely. Take away a driver's peripheral vision and many important signals can be missed. When conventional side view mirrors are used, events happening in front of the vehicle are moved outside of the driver's peripheral vision making them impossible to see or react to.

The new mirror design uses a series of mirrors to provide a side-by-side view of rear, side and frontal views of the driver's situation. This small innovation keeps events within the realm of the driver's peripheral vision, providing instantaneous notification of braking vehicles, pedestrians entering roadways and other changes happening in front of the vehicle. Improved driver reaction times are key to accident prevention. Eliminating instances where motorist miss braking and other signals quicken reaction times.

It has long been understood that drunk driving is dangerous due to an impaired driver's poor reaction times to events happening in front of their vehicles.

A study in 2000 showed that reaction times for drivers under the influence of alcohol saw an average increase in reaction times of 0.5 seconds. When one considers that the average glance into a side view mirror takes 1.4 seconds, the implications become clear. Assuming certain conditions, a vehicle traveling at 60 mph will have a stopping distance of 88 feet per second in the first second. A lot can happen in 88 ft. So reaction times are vital to safe driving.

In certain situations such as maneuvering from stalled lanes, drivers tend to stare into their side-view mirrors for over 10 seconds before noticing an opening and accelerating. This causes accident prevention problems as well.

The problem is worsening because, city populations are skyrocketing and to deal with the added roadway traffic, cities are widening freeways by adding additional lanes. As more lanes are added, drivers are forced to use the side view mirrors more. With conventional side view mirrors, this equates to more time that motorist loose touch with the events happening in front of their vehicles. (such as lead vehicle brake lights) This can lead to rear end accidents, with personal injuries, property damage and deaths. This new mirror design solves that problem. Rear end collisions are the most common type of vehicle accidents in the United States, with about 2.6 million of them (out of almost 6.3 million total accidents)

"I'm looking for a manufacturer to license the rights to this product and bring it to market or an Angel Investor willing to partner with me and build a company around it." Says, the inventor Andre Roberson. "I believe that this product is both needed and wanted by consumers and with the ability to carve out billions of dollars of market share, it can be a very lucrative venture.

I invented and filed patents for what I call the "Omni-View Safety Mirror" after I almost hit a pedestrian while preparing to leave a store parking lot. With my vehicle angled to enter the roadway, I stared into my side-view mirror for about 5 seconds looking for an opening in traffic. I accelerated and a very athletic individual jumped out of the way before being hit. There are an innumerable amount of reasons for drivers maintain an awareness of events in front of their vehicles. In congested cities looking in the mirror to time traffic and ensuring your path is still clear once you spot an opening is becoming increasingly difficult with the speed of modern vehicles. I would have seen the pedestrian's movement in front of my vehicle and never accelerated if had the early warning feature of my mirror design at the time."

I created a presentation and placed it on in an effort to find a licensor or angel investor/partner to help bring it to the market. See it here:"
The products slogan is
"Events happening in front of your vehicle are never unimportant."

This mirror is safer, and allows for easier more efficient monitoring of events to the side, rear and front of the vehicle. With increases in the number of vehicles on roadways spurring the adding of lanes to freeways, and more aging drivers (baby boomers) hitting the roadways, it is imperative that the proper automotive tools are provided to efficiently negotiate these changes.

With over 50 million less informative mirrors being sold annually at prices ranging from $100 to $400 each (retail), the OEM and Aftermarket segments are wide open and substantial to the tune of billions of dollars.


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