Biorisk-Free Growth Factors Now Available to the Cosmeceutical Industry to Meet Growing Demand for Safe Anti-Aging Ingredients

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ORF Genetics' green technology offers safety and security to cosmetic formulators and ingredient industry worldwide.

ORF Genetics, headquartered in Reykjavik, Iceland, announced that they have introduced the next generation of growth factors to the cosmetic industry. These biorisk-free growth factors for professional skin care products are shown to have great potential as anti-aging agents.

Marketed under the brand name ISOkine™, ORF's growth factors are produced utilizing the company's Orfeus™ plant-based expression platform, ensuring products of excellent purity, safety and bioactivity. The ISOkine™ product is a unique alternative to growth factors produced from bacterial or animal-based production platforms, as ORF's plant-based system provides a more safe, "green" and cost effective option, while eliminating any potential risk of toxins or contaminants.     

An increasing number of cosmetic companies are using recombinant growth factors in their formulations and product development, based on the growing consumer demand for effective anti-aging products. ORF Genetics recently exhibited their biorisk-free products for the first time at the In-Cosmetics show in Amsterdam, and the response was fantastic, according to Dr. Bjorn Orvar, ORF Genetics' CEO. "Since our core emphasis is on the medical research community, and we are active working with stem cell products and diagnostics, the cosmetic industry sees us as highly credible in their market as well," stated Dr. Orvar. "Our Orfeus™ plant-based production system is an elegant, futuristic approach for producing growth factors guaranteed to be endotoxin-free -- a feature that is becoming as critical to a cosmeceutical company as it is today to a stem cell researcher", continued Dr. Orvar.

The Orfeus system utilizes the barley grain -- a natural, environmentally friendly production host -- to manufacture pure, untainted growth factors. The plants are grown in a soilless hydroponic system housed in a huge state-of-the-art greenhouse, which runs on renewable geothermal energy, set out in the Icelandic lava fields. Since barley is considered G.R.A.S. (Generally Recognized As Safe) according to FDA standards, and the growth factors are rigorously tested for quality and efficacy, ORF's products provide additional assurance to the cosmetic industry that the products are safe and effective for use in cosmetic formulations.

Due to the scalability of the Orfeus™ production system, ORF Genetics will be able to supply large-scale, bulk quantities of ISOkine™ growth factors to the cosmetic market at a very competitive price.

ORF will be exhibiting their products in the US at the upcoming Supplier's Day Show hosted by the New York Society for Cosmetic Chemists in May.

Those interested in purchasing or learning more about the ISOkine™ growth factor line can contact the company through ORF Genetics' web site.

About ORF Genetics
Headquartered in Reykjavik, Iceland ORF Genetics Ltd. is a privately owned biotech company that is committed to economically viable, green technology for the production of growth factors and hard to produce recombinant proteins. Utilizing its unique Orfeus™ plant based expression system, the company is currently producing biorisk-free, high purity ISOkine™ products to serve the needs of the medical research, cell culture media, diagnostics and cosmetic markets. ORF was recently awarded the prestigious 2008 Icelandic Innovation Award by the Icelandic Center for Research and the Icelandic Trade Council. The annual award is given to a single Icelandic company that is pioneering research and development.

Bjorn Larus Orvar, Ph.D.
CEO, ORF Genetics
IS-112 Reykjavik
+354 591 1570
+354 821 1573


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