Inside the Church of Satan: New Controversial Footage Captured

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For the first time in over forty years, an outside investigator has filmed extensively within the organization. An important Satanic ritual was captured for the first time ever.

New, controversial footage, from within the Church of Satan, has been released. It has been more than forty years since in-depth footage of the Church was shot, and a new Satanic ritual has been documented and publicly presented for the first time. It's revealed and confirmed that public servants and various celebrities are, or have been, members of the Satanic Church, including Sammy Davis, Jr. and Jayne Mansfield. In interviews leading up to the un-cut ritual, one Satanist says, if there is a God who feels Satanists should roast in hell, "He can go _ himself," and that all people are not created equal. Another said Christianity is "like a rabies."

The footage was captured by independent filmmaker Joshua P. Warren. He was granted unprecedented access to the Church, traveling internationally to live with Satanists and document the most intimate aspects of their philosophy. He has now released it in his new documentary, "Inside the Church of Satan."

"I'm an agnostic and my co-producer, C. Eric Scott, is a Christian," said Warren. "We approached this with an open, curious mind, investigating the Church to find the truth about their agenda. Christians, Satanists, Pagans, Atheists, and perhaps everyone else will appreciate what we found."

In December of 2007, the Catholic Pope formed exorcism squads to tackle the rising tide of Satanism across the world. Warren's new film will show what many of those bishops are fighting.

Aside from the complete ritual, "Inside the Church of Satan" includes a lengthy, candid interview with Peter H. Gilmore, High Priest of the Church of Satan, along with a witch, priests, and members of various ranks. Warren asks questions probing most aspects of their agenda and beliefs.

"My goal was to create a movie, addressing all of life's most difficult issues, that would give the audience a complete understanding of what the Church of Satan is about, for better or for worse," Warren notes. "After this experience, I feel our governments do reflect Satanic principles." Sprinkled with satire, the film addresses all from sacrifice and murder to political positions regarding the Biblical "mark of the beast" and 666.

Warren, a professional radio host in Asheville, North Carolina, originally interviewed High Priest Peter H. Gilmore on the air, was overwhelmed with controversial feedback, and felt the Church was a good candidate for a "shockumentary," as he calls it. After special negotiations, the Church allowed him to come inside and objectively document its operation.

Warren says, "Frankly, I don't know why they allowed me as the first person in so many decades. They said they thought I was the right guy at the right time. So I did my best. And yes, as you'll see, I was surprised by what I found."

Aside from the never-before-documented Satanic ritual, the film includes nudity, satirical depictions of baby butchering, anti-Christian language, and scenes where Warren himself attempts to conjure up "the Devil" on camera.

For now, "Inside the Church of Satan," and a free preview of the film, are only available through online.

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