Leading Persona Experts Announce Buyer Persona Creation Workshops

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Fortune 500 firms now seeking in-house buyer persona creation expertise to improve customer centric marketing and sales. Tony Zambito and Angela Quail from Goal Centric, two of the leading experts in user, buyer, and digital persona development, announce workshops to help build organizational expertise in buyer personas. The first of four workshops to be held in 2008 will be July 28-29 in San Francisco.

Many of today's Fortune 500 companies are investing heavily in professional development and reorganization to be more customer centric. Buyer personas-- fictional buyer profiles based on in-depth qualitative research-- help companies rapidly achieve a deeper, focused understanding of who customers are and what motivates them to buy. Goal Centric (http://www.goalcentric.com), a privately held company, has led the development of buyer persona methodology over the past seven years. Its two principal partners, Tony Zambito and Angela Quail, began their work on buyer personas after contributing to the development of user personas at the famed Cooper design firm led by Alan Cooper. Today, Goal Centric announced its Buyer Persona Creation Workshops designed to help companies develop in-house expertise in the creation and use of buyer personas. The first workshop in 2008 will be held July 28-29 in San Francisco with Chicago, Boston, and Austin to follow. Registration is available at: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/114175502.

Over the past seven years, Goal Centric has pioneered the development of buyer personas with such global clients as FedEx, Reed Elsevier, and other leading Fortune 500 companies. Through this significant real world experience, Tony Zambito and Angela Quail have expanded the use of personas from design tools that profile users to strategy tools that profile buyers. Marketing and sales find buyer personas to be powerful models of the complexity often found in B2B market spaces.

"Our background at the origin of personas allowed us to consider carefully how to use personas to gain a deep understanding of customers in complex B2B markets--something that had been missing," said Tony Zambito, founder of Goal Centric and principal partner. "In the past seven years, we've been confronted with every imaginable B2B issue, which have given us the bearings to further develop the concept and value of buyer personas. What we are seeing today are more and more companies asking us to help them build their own in-house competency in buyer persona creation."

Persona centric marketing and persona centric sales help companies understand their customers' buying behaviors, processes, and motivations. Buyer personas serve as guides to marketing strategy, sales strategy, and customer and sales messaging. "Over the years we've seen buyer personas provide clients with sharp strategies for connecting to, marketing to, and selling to the many buyers in a complex B2B environment," said Angela Quail, Goal Centric principal partner. "The Buyer Persona Creation process is a dynamic one that distills critical insights into how and why customers buy your offerings."

These first-in-the-industry Buyer Persona Creation workshops will show attendees how to create buyer personas, how to utilize existing research as well as conduct qualitative research, how to build buyer persona scenarios, and how to align marketing and sales through buyer personas. "The workshops are designed to provide mid-level and senior managers with the essential tools to implement buyer personas as guides for acquiring customer insights, formulating marketing and sales strategy, and achieving customer centricity," said Angela Quail.

Locations open for workshop registration this year are San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, and Austin. The agenda is geared towards marketing managers and directors, sales managers and directors, product marketing managers and directors, product managers and directors, market research managers and directors, market segment directors, industry segment directors, and senior-level executives seeking to be thought leaders and experts in customer-centric strategies.

About Goal Centric

Goal Centric is a privately held company based in New York, New York and Menlo Park, California. Goal Centric provides persona development training and advisory services to help companies understand their customers better. The company today is led by two of the leading experts in buyer persona and buying scenario creation, Tony Zambito and Angela Quail, who have over ten years each in persona development experience. The two principal partners have provided persona development advisory services to many of today's leading global companies including FedEx, Reed Elsevier, Microsoft, HP, and IBM.

For more information, visit http://www.goalcentric.com.


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