SplashCast Hits 300 Million Milestone

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Sony Music, Converse, and Even Clinton campaigners help make SplashCast one of the fastest growing marketing solutions for reaching social networking site users.

SplashCast, pioneers in the emerging field of social marketing, today announced that splashcast "opt-in" advertisements have been viewed more than 300 million times and spread to over 2.5 million web pages by users of MySpace, Facebook and other social networking sites. The next-generation Internet marketing tool is currently being used by Sony Music, Converse, Warner Brothers, PBS and a growing list of other top-name brands looking to reach today's younger demographics.

The 300 million milestone reflects splashcast's popularity among target customers and the marketing tool's ability to create strong brand loyalty. Unlike banner ads, pop-ups and other intrusive online advertisements, splashcasts are based upon a strategy that engages the marketer's target audience rather then frustrates them. The tremendous number of splashcasts viewed is directly related to friend-to-friend sharing rather than paid distribution.

Using an interface similar to a multi-channel TV screen, marketers use splashcasts to distribute videos, games, pictures, and other digital content. Consumers who find a splashcast they like can easily add it to their own profile page. Companies can then easily update all of their distributed splashcasts with new content, as often as they want, whenever they want.

Pivotal to splashcast's effectiveness as a marketing tool is the player's three-way communications capability. Not only can companies push new content out to their splashcast audience, but the audience can send digital content back to the brand or to each other. The result is the formation of online communities that gather via the splashcast player and unite around a product or brand.

"Social network sites are all about community and SplashCast makes it possible for advertisers to be a part of that community," said SplashCast CEO, Michael Berkley. "In fact, splashcasts can be copied and posted on virtually any Internet page, making the splashcast a conduit connecting users from one social network site to another."

According to Berkley, the most popular splashcast on the Internet to date is Sony Music's Chris Brown splashcast with more than 135 thousand splashcast players installed and nearly 56 million unique viewings. Sony's Britney Spears splashcast is currently the second most popular with more than 148,000 splashcast players installed and 27.6 million unique viewings.

"It wasn't very long ago that we were recognizing milestones in 10 million increments. Now that happens almost every week and we've had to change our unit of measurement to 100 million," said Berkley. "As word spreads about SplashCast's unique ability to integrate into social networking sites and engage its users, we suspect that our first billion milestone is rapidly approaching."

An up-to-date tally of total splashcasts installed and viewed as well as the top three most popular splashcasts on the web can be found at http://web.splashcast.net/web_learn/stats.aspx.

About SplashCast
Located in Portland, Oregon, U.S., SplashCast Corp is a leader in marketing solutions for brands and media companies seeking to reach teens and young adults. SplashCast is the first in a new category of marketing tools called social marketing applications - those specifically designed to reach users of MySpace, Facebook and other social network sites. Since a splashcast can connect users on differing social networking sites, this new marketing tool breaks down the barriers that separate various sites and allows teens to come together based upon mutual interests related to specific brands, entertainment, sports, or lifestyles. For more information on SplashCast visit http://www.splashcastmedia.com or call (503) 222-5645


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