New Bar Foot Rails Wont Leave Customers Hanging

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Patrons of night life generally prefer to escape their problems, not have more to solve. Anyone with their hands wrapped around their drink of choice is looking for a time to relax, reflect and relate. The last thing that should get in the way of a pleasant evening is a discomfort which could easily be avoided with an aid to their tired feet, the often overlooked foot rail.

As creatures of habit, the average bar clientele will prefer a stool in which to sit and a counter on which to lean but where will that leave their feet? If there is nothing designed for them to rest, they will dangle, which in this position, even the most mature of adult regulars will be made to feel like a child on the edge of a couch, leg length inadequate to span the distance between them and the floor. now offers the Bar Foot Rail, a convenient substitute for the open air that serves no purpose for the sake of comfort. But the foot rail provides more than just a convenient substitute to letting one's legs hang, it lends itself well to the condition of the bar itself. Since patrons will have a readily accessible place to rest their feet, they will not be tempted to find another place for them, say the counter top, or another seat. Also, since this firmly supports the legs they will not swing and therefore not kick the side of the bar. In addition to functionality, the Buy Railings bar foot rail will also add class to the bar area. Since most of their products are available in shiny brass, wood and other elegant materials, one will not be forced to choose between convenience and style, they can have it all!

Some might consider the foot rail to lack true purpose in the bar area but when one considers the standard design of the bar area, they will find that it lends itself well to this need. The bartender must stand, for he or she is responsible for serving forty feet, on average, of customers lined up across the bar from them. Because of this, the bar itself must be at a certain height to allow ease of mixing, serving and access to glasses below, behind and above the bar counter. Traditional seating then is no help to the average consumer with proportionate torso height, as it would leave them out of reach and, once again, forcefully resorted to the stature of a 6-year-old reaching up for a happy meal at a fast food restaurant counter. This is where the bar stool comes in, that clever design based on traditional chairs which provides extra height to its current company. But while this solves one problem, it creates another -- extra height means extra distance from the ground, and herein lies the simple solution: enter the foot rail. features many kinds of bar related railings. In addition to the foot rail they offer service rails to assist the bar tender, as well as glass and stemware racks, which provides an aesthetic approach to the convenience of shelving without restricting the view from either side. These handy items are also available in any one of a number of stylish materials.

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