Inventor Jared Joyce Brings Revolutionary BPA-Free Water Bottle to the Market

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Jared Joyce, an Independent Inventor located in Bozeman, MT, has just launched his first invention. With six years in the making, his BPA-free Titan Water Bottle offers never-before-seen features for people on the go.

Prototyping is problem solving in three dimensions. It enables us to fail faster so that we can succeed sooner! It is an imperative component of successful design

Jared Joyce, inventor and entrepreneur, recently launched the first of several inventions destined for the U.S. marketplace: the BPA-free Titan water bottle. The Titan is available for pre-order at its official site,

The patent-pending BPA-free water bottle touts many features previously unseen in the water bottle industry including: One-hand-single-motion operation, built in carabiner clip, and no-leak 'chuggable' mouthpiece.

Jared Joyce, 27, is a 2004 graduate of Montana State University's School of Architecture. Intent on pursuing his dreams of inventing, Jared Joyce began raising investor funding and developing his inventions while still in Architecture school. Upon graduating he established Jared Joyce, Inc. and converted an area of his apartment into a research and development center with room for himself and two employees.

Realizing that he had far more inventions than cash, Jared picked the most marketable ideas and began developing them, keeping his number of full time employees low and relying on his network of independent contractors to help push the products through prototyping. Prototyping just one stage in what Jared calls "The Invention Time Line."

"Prototyping is problem solving in three dimensions. It enables us to fail faster so that we can succeed sooner! It is an imperative component of successful design," says Jared.

With over 5 marketable inventions developed and more in the pipeline, Jared and his staff have their hands full. After being accepted as a top 10 finalist out of 3,000 inventors on the fiercely competitive Season 3 Everyday Edisons Casting Call, Jared's inventions have begun raising eyebrows of investors and product development organizations.

The Titan Water Bottle was officially launched on May 3rd, 2008 and Jared Joyce, Inc. is now taking pre-orders on Jared hopes to have 100,000 units pre-ordered by June: "Individuals will buy a product based on it being a good idea. Corporations will only buy a product based on proof of sales. With Wal-Mart having banned the sale of all BPA plastics as of April 19th it has leveled the playing field as the Titan brand goes head to head with Nalgene and Camelbak. This summer all big box retailers have to decide what new BPA-free water bottle to purchase and if we can get 100,000 pre-orders for the Titan before June, that should be enough to get their orders for the rest of the summer."

The Titan bottle is revolutionary compared to other bottles currently on the market. First, the Titan contains no BPA (bisphenol a), a chemical in popular plastics that has recently come under attack for negative health effects associated with leaching of the chemical into food and beverages from plastic containers.

Second, it sports an impressive one-hand, one-motion operation which means you can unclip it, press the carabiner to open the valve, 'chug' the contents, close the valve, and re-clip it all with one hand and all in one motion.

Lastly, the unique mouthpiece design allows users to 'chug' the contents of the bottle without spilling and its 63mm diameter allows customers to use the Titan with their favorite standard-sized water bottle or water filtration unit.

According to Jared, "The Titan will do for water bottles what the Dyson did for vacuums. It will disprove the theory held by today's big name water bottle manufacturers that consumers only see water bottles as a disposable good and will therefore only pay up to $15. If you're looking for a water bottle that will deliver the best functional and health benefits -- the Titan is for you!"

Jared is no stranger to challenges. The development process for the Titan took six years and required thousands of sketches, hundreds of digital models, and nearly 100 working prototypes to perfect. This is mostly due to the Titan's unique form-fitting mouthpiece, never-before-seen functionality, and innovative design elements.

The Titan Water Bottle is priced at $25.00 with free shipping on pre-orders at the official site: The Titan will be available this summer through Amazon.

For additional information on Jared Joyce, Inc., please visit

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