New Health Breakthrough for Addicted Cigarette and Cigar Smokers

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Revelle is pleased to introduce their breakthrough micro technological solution to an age old health problem of nicotine addicted people who smoke cigarettes and cigars. For those who have tried the nicotine patches and chewing gums on the market for years, few see the success they are seeking. Old habits are hard enough to break, even without nicotine addiction, so now there is a clear alternative for all cigarette and cigar smokers that really does work as promoted.

Revelle, LLC has just introduced a completely new approach to assisting those who are addicted to cigarettes and cigars to improve their health with a micro electronic device which is a healthy alternative to the high risk of lung cancer regular smokers are exposed to.

Smokers actually have two addictions to kick, not just nicotine which everyone is familiar with, but also the habit of having something in their hand and mouth. If you have tried all the nicotine patches and chewing gun remedies designed to help people stop smoking, then you also are aware most do not work as promoted.

People who have smoked for years find it just as difficult not to reach for a cigarette even if they have appeased their addiction to nicotine with patches of gum. They are still reaching for their cigarettes, they don't know what to do with their hands and are actually more nervous as a result of this hard habit to break.

This is where Revelle is different. Not only does the product address the nicotine addiction issues, but also addresses the habit of wanting to hold a cigarette in the hand or mouth. This is not possible with any other product on the market. The Revelle micro electronic technological breakthrough actually addresses this issue with its faux cigarette and cigars.

Amazing as it is, the Revelle solution actually looks like a cigarette, feels like a cigarette, tastes like a real tobacco cigarette and even smokes like a cigarette when inhaled and exhaled in the same manner as you would expect all cigarettes to do. The difference is, the Revelle smoke is actually a harmless vapor, no health threats as with all other cigarettes and cigars. Being that it is just as satisfying as a real cigarette or cigar is what separates Revelle from all the others.

You do not lite this faux smoking cigarette, It has a faux orange colored light on tip which lights when it senses an inhaling action just like a real cigarette or cigar would. No one would hardly notice the difference outside of mouth piece holder. Few will know this is not a real cigarette, including the smoker. Everyone knows someone who actually wants to stop smoking. Others simply want a healthy alternative, and with Revelle, both are addressed given all the options available, including nicotine levels, flavors similar to what actual smokers enjoy.

Many people smoke to calm their nerves, as in those who long airplane flights as example. Many smoke when nervous at work, and when they have to go outside to smoke, look at the wasted time and productivity issues for companies. Many who gamble like to smoke to calm their nerves, and as we have seen, NJ has just passed a smokers ban at casinos. In fact, many outside public areas are also banning smokers, so where will it end? With Revelle, electronic cigarettes and cigars are not flame dependent and thereby are not banned anywhere.


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