Book 'Spiriting Around' Shines New Light on Teen Spirituality; Eight Tips on Teen Identity They Can Use Today

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Teens need to realize that responsibility is the essence of maturity. Responsibility is the control a person has over themselves. So spiritual responsibility is the choice to make love a part of their desires and thereby include God in their plans. Here are 8 ways to get started.

Everyone can use some guidance, a tip now and then. That's why all the spirituality information and articles on spirituality are so popular today. Being an adult is a responsibility. It means that a person has matured enough that they can manage their own lives. It means that society expects that they can act reasonably in social environments. It means that a person can pay for the lives they choose for themselves.

Those are the basics of living in a social environment without imposing or intruding on the lives of others. Of course being a mature person also means being aware of the value in the opportunities life presents. For any creative human being these opportunities are endless. So for new adults, who teenagers really are, (They're not just older children.), education is essential in every area of life to give them a solid foundation for building their lives.

So here are some thoughts to consider for anyone planning their life, the first step to maturity.

1)Life changes regularly. Opportunities come and go. Experience and education create new opportunities and a positive attitude means that you're always at a starting point.

2)Everyone has the ability and responsibility to create the unique identity that defines their dignity. Get advice but trust your own thoughts and feelings. If one path doesn't work, try another.

3)Explore life's adventure with excitement and caution. Nothing's really changed in 5,000 years except technology. People have been here before. Human needs and relations have been constantly examined and reexamined over the centuries. Study those who came before and your life can be richer and easier today. For every person alive today there's someone sometime in history whose experiences and accomplishments will make sense to them.

4)Make life a reality. A person shouldn't settle for the shallow satisfaction found in media dreams. Find out where what you love is happening and go there. Participate.

5)There are only two problems in life. It's confusing and it's uncomfortable. Inhibitions are part of our natural protections. They become manageable as we engage life with our experience and learn more about it by educating ourselves. We're meant to love ourselves but it's learned in an environment of conflict and cooperation. Life is meant to challenge us not defeat us.

6)Honesty, self-kindness, and patience reveal who we are. In our hearts we all know what we want but we need to accept it; then give it to ourselves. Learn how. Build healthy relationships. Do it.

7)Teen spirituality is about spiritual responsibility, the control a person has over themselves. It means that when they touch love in their desires they include God in their plans---with God's power and guidance. But it must be reliable to trust it. To see if love is reliable a person must test it by using it.

8)Consider making thoughts about God and Love a part of your life. God is everywhere in everything. That means love is everywhere in everything. Love is the basis of every experience. Faith is trust in love and loving God is trust in life.

A person's life is their turn. Regardless of the advantages or disadvantages a person starts with, everyone possesses creativity and the opportunity it gives them. That will always be enough as long as they respect education in all of its forms and apply themselves with effort and courage. And even that can be learned through patience and love.

  • Mark Tomback has over 35 years experience in spiritual matters and it's always come naturally to him. His conclusion: spirit is our birthright no matter how we interpret God and every spiritual path has at its center a desire to know more about ourselves and our responsibilities to life. He currently lives in South Florida with his family.
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