Bathroom Mess No Longer a Cause of Frustration for Parents of Boys Who Have Trouble with Aim

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Mother of boys invents sanity-saving product that gives boys confidence with bathroom aim and saves parents the clean up.

Parents of boys with bad bathroom aim have a new tool for ending the need to constantly clean up messy toilets and bathrooms with Flippee™, a unique toilet shield which acts as a barrier to help boys aim and make less mess when using the bathroom.

Mom inventor Annmarie Vanini, founder and President of ReeAssured Products, LLC and mother of three boys, was inspired to create Flippee™ after potty training her middle son resulted in hours spent scrubbing after each time he used the bathroom. "Even though I would coach my son to hit the water, he inevitably would hit that narrow space between the toilet tank and base," Vanini stated. Discouraged by her son's lack of aim and the constant unsanitary mess in the bathroom, Vanini began brainstorming a product idea that would curb stray aim and keep it contained to the toilet.

With a professional background in product development, Vanini produced a prototype of Flippee™ and tested it on her own children with much success. Designed to fit any toilet, Flippee™ is a plastic shield which attaches to the toilet with suction cups, and is flipped up to prevent bathroom accidents by directing aim into the toilet. Vanini shared, "I saw how Flippee™ helped my own boys dramatically with bathroom success and realized what a big idea this was. It just made sense."

Vanini also designed Flippee™ to be space saving and convenient, by staying attached to the toilet and flipping down around the base for easy storage and out of the way for those who do not need it. It's drip lip feature stops any excess on the shield from hitting the floor in the storage position.

Often, boys may not realize they miss the toilet due to inattention or being tired. Vanini designed Flippee™ to create boundaries encouraging boys to aim inside the toilet. "Without Flippee™, boys may not realize they've missed the toilet. With Flippee™, when their aim is off, they will know because they'll see and hear it hit Flippee™ and can correct their aim," Vanini stated.

Flippee™, patent pending and made completely in the USA, can be found at Vanini hopes to make the product available in retail stores, as well as catalogs, in the upcoming months.


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