Natural Disaster Relief Efforts Increase Demand For First Aid Supplies Worldwide

Share Article, a California-based provider of disaster preparedness and first aid products sees a phenomenal increase in demand for emergency rations, tools, lighting and other survival kits in the wake of recent catastrophes.

A leading provider of first aid supplies and disaster preparedness products ranging from communication equipment and lighting to emergency rations and trauma kits is reporting a huge increase in orders due to the recent events around the world that have left tens of thousands of people dead and millions without shelter, clean water and food due to natural disasters. is opening its stocked inventory for last minute orders to prepare people for the next catastrophic disaster.

In the past week alone a 7.9 magnitude earthquake rocked the Sichuan province in China leaving 12,000 dead and 18,000+ still missing as rescue teams continue to sift through the rubble. A horrific cyclone named Nargis ripped across Burma leaving 22,000 dead and over 41,000 missing. In the United States tornadoes in Oklahoma and Missouri have caused the deaths of 22 people and have left thousands without electricity, clean drinking water and homes. In Florida, a state of emergency has been declared in the wake of wind-whipped wildfires that have scorched over 3,500 acres and again left thousands without basic food and shelter. These catastrophic events have led one news source to label this era "The Angry Earth" (The Huffington Post). These unprecedented events are causing a rush on first aid supplies and products that can mean the difference between life and death in the immediate aftermath.

Modern technology has led to an amazing improvement in predicting natural disasters and giving people advanced warning but it is not an exact science and still cannot determine unequivocally if a tremor will turn into a massive earthquake or if a warm pressure system will form into a hurricane, cyclone or tsunami. The only thing for certain is that the better prepared you are the greater your chances of survival. More often than not the casualty numbers rise in the hours after a disaster strikes due to people not having basic first aid supplies, clean drinking water and the ability to let rescue teams know of their location. Buried beneath rocks, rubble and debris is a harrowing experience and the time it takes rescue workers to dig people out can take hours and even days.

Having basic first aid supplies on hand can increase your chances of survival. Trauma and disaster kits feature everything from simple band-aids and heat packs to food bars, bottled water, Insta-Glucose and fire blankets. You should also have duct tape, flash lights, respirator masks, eyewash, ointments and antiseptics to prevent small scrapes from becoming infected and to ensure the air you breathe is not going to cause long-term lung damage. Other products that are advised to keep on hand include light sticks and whistles to alert police and fire rescue squads of your presence and Mylar sleeping bags to protect against sudden temperature drops at night. No one can fully prepare for a natural disaster and as the situation in Burma shows you can't expect the government to immediately help but taking several steps in being prepared can be the difference in whether or not you survive the interminable hours while waiting for professional help.


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