FrameForge 3D Studio Previz Storyboard Software Adds 'Emergency Response' Expansion Pack

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The makers of FrameForge® 3D Studio previsualization and storyboard software announce the immediate availability of a new genre-specific Emergency Response Expansion Pack to augment the collection of theme oriented objects and actors. This adds over 200 high quality-objects, set pieces and actors covering the areas of Fire, Health and Safety.

Our goal is to help the filmmaker more effectively prepare before the shooting begins

Innoventive Software, LLC announces immediate availability of their 'Emergency Response' Expansion Pack adding theme-based collections of objects, characters, sets, relationships and poses to the FrameForge Object Library. These Expansion Packs instantly augment the range and specificity of previsualizations and storyboards.

This optional Expansion Pack adds over 200 high quality objects, set pieces and actors covering the areas of Fire, Health and Safety. It includes thirty-two men and women in four ethnicities dressed as doctors, surgeons, nurses, EMTs, patients & corpses (both with operable chest and brain cavities and removable organs) in addition to firefighters in tan and black uniforms (each of which also come as "clean" or "dirty"), and hazmat specialists in four colors of hazmat suit.

The Patient/Corpse actors are realistic and are supplied fully nude so they can be "opened up" to reveal their organs which can be removed.

All costumes have a variety of accouterments and user options. There are props and equipment for everything ranging from major surgery to checking for radiation leaks. Also included are fire and water spraying objects, a highly detailed and fully functional ladder fire truck, pump truck, and both fire and hospital ambulances with fully detailed interiors. There are complete sets for a surgery, hospital room, morgue, waiting room, doctor's office in addition to two types of exterior hospital buildings and fire stations with operable doors and emergency room entrance.

About FrameForge 3D Studio Objects:
FrameForge 3D objects are specially configured with pre-set relationships that allow actors and props to interact and assume real-life interactions (hands grab cups, car windows roll down, actors lay on beds, etc) automatically. Also, actors are capable of full facial expressions, phoneme support, body size, and aging for actors with application of any color or texture.

About FrameForge 3D Studio Software:
FrameForge is revolutionary previsualization and storyboarding software for planning and directing film, video and commercials. Planning with FrameForge saves time and money at every stage of production.

Users convey the full scope of their vision to producers, clients and investors with powerful animatics while generating invaluable production data that ensure not getting bogged down trying to get shots that won't work or unnecessary coverage. The crew will have the technical details to run like clockwork, and creative collaborators will have the focus to produce their best work to add even more magic.

To work in FrameForge's Multi-Camera Control Room is like working in a virtual film studio, building rooms, placing cameras, props and actors with Drag'n'Drop simplicity. Exploring and experimenting with angles, shots, and lenses, or even directing entire films in its optically accurate 3D world with the spontaneity and creativity akin to working on set live.

Create optically-correct storyboards that not only include the shot as seen through the camera, but also the overhead set layout with camera positions, actor blocking, camera moves, and all other relevant camera information.

"Our goal is to help the filmmaker more effectively prepare before the shooting begins," explains Ken Schafer, president of Innoventive Software. "Our latest version of FrameForge 3D Studio 2.5 recreates depth of field along with the ability to optically mimic any film or video camera, including 16mm, 35mm, HD video, wide screen or whatever. What you see through the program's camera will be virtually identical to what you'll see on the set, assuring FrameForge users that they will never be caught off guard on set with a storyboard that's impossible to shoot."

For more information contact Innoventive Software at (877) 322-7733, online or from resellers worldwide.

Downloadable demo available at

System Requirements:
300 MB Free Disk Space
256 MB RAM (minimum)

Pentium III 500Mhz
Windows XP/NT/2000 or better
XP Theme enabled

G3 Processor 500 Mhz or MacIntel
System 10.3.9 (to run Universal Binary)
System 9.1 (to run Version 1*)
*included on CD

Innoventive Software, LLC
Dan Douma, Vice President, Marketing
Office: (541) 997-7180
Email: VPMarketing @


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