Elder Law Attorney Announces On-Line Alzheimer's Legal Resource Center

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Alzheimer's Legal Resource Center's goal is to provide answers to the long-term care crisis facing millions of Americans.

to provide answers to the long-term care crisis facing so many families today.

Brian T. Willie, an Elder Law Attorney, licensed in Texas and California, creates an on-line, Alzheimer's Legal Resource Center to provide much needed, free information to the public about options available to the Alzheimer's patient to pay for long term care.

Willie, a partner at the Law Office of Willie & Dasher in Austin (http://www.williedasherlaw.com)], stated that the primary purpose of the Alzheimer's Legal Resource Center is "to provide answers to the long-term care crisis facing so many families today." He stated that "the question is no longer what should I do with my assets when I die? The most important question these days, and one which very few lawyers are prepared to deal with is: what happens when I outlive my money and my assets?"

As people live longer and longer, this becomes the main question, and one that must be answered. Through proper long-term care planning, a person can legally and ethically protect their assets so that they don't outlive them and can pass them on as an inheritance.

Unfortunately, Willie noted "there are two sets of laws out there: one for the unrepresented and one for the represented and well informed. That's why I created the Alzheimer's Legal Resource Center-so that the public is informed." He went on to add that "while the laws applicable to long-term care planning such as Medicaid vary from state to state, the message is the same: seek out a qualified Elder Law attorney in your area to assist you with your planning, and always plan as early as possible."

Because the wrecking ball of dementia strikes and becomes progressively worse, caregivers (who many times are close family members), can no longer care for their loved one. But Willie stated "there are solutions that can keep a person with Alzheimer's or dementia in their own home or in an assisted living facility longer than ever. For instance, there is a very little known pension available to age 65 and older wartime Veterans and their surviving spouses that can provide up to about $1,800 per month to help pay for these costs."

However, 90% of people who have Alzheimer's will progress to needing full blown skilled nursing care. At that point, the person has 3 choices to pay for the extraordinary cost of a nursing home: 1) long-term care insurance (which most people do not have); 2) pay privately; or 3) qualify for Medicaid.

Many people can pay privately, at least for awhile. However, with nursing home costs across the country at $4,000-8,000 per month, a family can find themselves out of money and options very quickly. Willie stated that "it is my job to help families create peace of mind by finding legal and financial solutions that will not only help their loved one get the best possible care, but be able to pay for that care without going broke."

The Alzheimer's Legal Resource Center provides a tremendous amount of practical information, such as caregiver tips and ways to deal with the gripping emotional stress a family faces when their loved one has been diagnosed. It also provides practical, everyday legal information on how Medicaid works, the different traps that can be involved and alternate forms of benefits, such as the Veteran's Benefit discussed above.

The Alzheimer's Legal Resource Center can be found at Alzheimer's Legal Resource Center

About Brian Willie:
Brian Willie (http://www.williedasherlaw.com)] is an Elder Law attorney and partner with the Law Offices of Willie & Dasher, an Austin, TX based firm. He provides long-term care strategies for seniors and those who love them.

Brian Willie, Partner
Law Office of Willie & Dasher
Law Office of Willie & Dasher


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