National Indoor Mold Society Host Internet Talk Shows To Celebrate National Women's Health Week

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National Indoor Mold Society is hosting several internet talk shows to celebrate National Women's Health Week to educate women about being exposed to indoor molds. We are celebrating National Women's Health because many women are affected by this environmental disease and they do not know it. Many women are dying because they are being misdiagnosed. Many women are suffering from multiple illnesses and their doctors do not know the root cause of their illnesses. Did you know that 500,000 people die annually from mold-related deaths? It is the "Silent Killer Within". We want to bring awareness and share our tragic stories in hopes of helping other women from experiencing the same ordeal.

Letitia Peters, President of the National Indoor Mold Society (N.I.M.S.), will host the N.I.M.S. Internet Talk Shows featuring live listeners who can listen, talk, and chat using TalkShoe's website. Our next "live" broadcast of the NIMS Internet Talk Shows will be held on May 15-17, 2008 as we celebrate National Women's Health Week. We are celebrating National Women's Health because many women are affected by this environmental disease and they do not know it. Many women are dying because they are being misdiagnosed. Many women are suffering from multiple illnesses and their doctors do not know the root cause of their illnesses. 500,000 people die annually from mold-related deaths. It is the "Silent Killer Within".

What are molds and mycotoxins?

We all know that molds are everywhere, but when an abundance of molds are indoors, given the right conditions they can cause serious health consequences. Molds are defined as microscopic forms of fungi. Mycotoxins are toxins produced by certain molds which are poisonous to animals and man. You can not watch the news or open the newspaper without watching or reading a story about how indoor molds have affected the health of students, workers, or homeowners. Indoor molds and the mycotoxins they produce have affected people from all walks of life and ages. They do not discriminate; even some well-known celebrities have been affected. Even if you can't see or smell them in your school, workplace, or residence these mycotoxins are capable of affecting you, your daughter, your wife, your mother, your aunt, your friends, or loved ones' health.

What's the controversy?

First, there are two schools of thoughts in the medical community:
One group believes that molds cause allergic responses only (i.e. asthma, fungal sinusitis) and the other group has "scientific" evidence showing that inhalation to mycotoxins causes adverse health effects and not just allergic responses only, but the controversy continues. Secondly, we do not have any federal laws governing indoor air quality for molds. Finally, we have two bills pending, which have been stalled in the U.S. Congress for several years.

Talk Show Guest Speakers

Many women are being affected from every walk of life by this environmental illness. You will hear their tragic stories with the only common denominator between all of them; exposure to indoor toxic molds. Teresa McCormick, a grandmother from WA state and microbiologist has sponsored 2 WA petition initiatives after purchasing a moldy home with over 1,000 square feet of toxic black soft rot fungus in the attic and many other molds were present and actively growing in her crawlspace. She became quite ill with various mold associated maladies and has spent well over $100,000 dollars in an attempt to remediate the mold and moisture issues in the home. She has also spent over $100,000 dollars to no avail in legal fees in a case against the sellers who failed to disclose a number of items.

She states, "Not wanting others to experience what I have experienced, I have written two initiative petitions for the people see initiatives 1012 and 1013 at The first initiative (1012) has to do with a requirement to report mold by all home inspectors. The second initiative (1013) has to do with requiring the state to notify the public when they issue a new policy or change in policy that could affect our health or welfare." She needs the support of many volunteer petition gatherers between now and July 3, 2008 to get the 250,000 signatures for these 2 WA petition initiatives.

Simply Sharon is Sharon L. Pawlak, L.A.S., M.T.-B.C., L.M., Laboratory Animal Scientist, Music Therapist Board Certified, Licensed Minister and National Seminar Leader. Sharon was born in Delhi, NY, growing up on a beautiful farm in the Catskill Mountains. A graduate of both Delhi Agricultural and Technical College in Veterinary Science Technology as well as Fredonia State School of Music in Music Therapy, Sharon has a unique perspective as a "farm girl", scientist, seasoned therapist and musician. She has survived epilepsy, stroke, ovarian/thyroid tumors and severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivity/Environmental Illness. In 2001, Sharon "retired" her private practice and moved to Tennessee. She became a minister in 2002 and avidly writes, desiring to help heal the masses, in mind, body and spirit! Sharon Pawlak also wrote the book "IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD" about the real life mold saga of the Pawlak's family. You can read about her organization at

Letitia Peters, the Executive Director for the National Indoor Mold Society will discuss how she turned her anger into activism. She was formerly employed with the Federal government in the Washington, DC area as an Electrical/Electronics Enginner. As a result, she has developed many maladies, some permanent and life-threatening, as well as, "hypersensitivity to environmental allergens," which has made it impossible for her to find a suitable place to live. She wants to bring awareness about this environmental illness because she does not want others to experience what she has experienced.

We have invited several experts who will be discussing an array of topics pertaining to women's health. Barbara Frank has been serving the Washington, DC community for over 34 years as a Natural Health Practitioner, Speaker, Health Educator, and Author of the Nobel- and Pulitzer-Prize nominated HOW TO TAKE OFF 10 YEARS OFF YOUR FACE AND ADD 10 YEARS TO YOUR LIFE NATURALLY. Many health ailments have been improved by using her unique natural body products. For more information about Ms. Frank and her services, visit her website at

In 1986, Dr. Croft published the first paper on indoor mold poisoning in the North American Continent and demonstrated the fingerprint for Trichothecene Mycotoxins in animals and humans. This study was in part funded by the United States Army. He has completed eight autopsies, four adult humans and four children, clearly demonstrating pathology caused by inhalation versus ingestion of these mycotoxins. Dr. Croft has studied, and observed over 6,000 people demonstrating signs and symptoms of mycotoxin poisoning and has determined the stages for inhalation mycotoxicosis. Dr. Croft has studied this disease for over 23 years and in an effort to allow others to become aware of the disease; he is willing to share what he has learned concerning this environmental disease. Dr. Croft will discuss various topics from the history of fungi, the definition of molds and mycotoxins, cross-contamination, 3 stages of the disease, and trichothecene mycotoxicosis, as well as, the type of testing that he conducts for mold victims. For more information about Dr. Croft and his services, visit his website at He is willing to share what he has learned concerning this disease; why so many women are being diagnosed with "breast cancer" from this disease to the foods that women need to avoid completely in their diet.

David Rueckert, a former Certified Industrial Hygienist (C.I.H.) with over 18 years experience in the field will address the issue of the "mold explosion" and his experience as an expert witness (both from the plaintiff's and defendant's perspective) in many toxic mold lawsuits. All of the cases which he testified in were either settled or was won.

For information about the N.I.M.S. Internet Talk Shows program schedule and the guest speakers: visit

How to Participate

Users can find The National Indoor Mold Society Internet Talk Show, Talkcast ID 31030 on the TalkShoe website ( A recording of this show will also be available on the TalkShoe website for later listening, downloading and podcasting to iPods and MP3 players. It will also be listed on iTunes and other podcast directories.

Improving the Broadcast Experience
Letitia Peters states, "TalkShoe gives me the flexibility to broadcast my message to Internet users globally without leaving the comfort of my mold-free environment, which is very important to me, as well as, other mold victims."

About National Indoor Mold Society
The National Indoor Mold Society is a national organization, which was formed by mold victims in November 2006. Our mission is to provide education, awareness, public policy, and research so that people recognize and understand the implications of being exposed to indoor molds and mycotoxins in their communities.
Our overall objectives are to:
1. Educate the public, health care professionals, and the lawmakers to bring awareness that exposure to indoor molds and mycotoxins can cause adverse health effects and should be recognized as a serious, widespread disease.
2. Collaborate with researchers or fund research in order to get "scientific data" which addresses the adverse health effects due to exposure to indoor molds and mycotoxins.
3. Provide support, information, and guidance in the form of seminars, individual counseling, and community programs and other information media to people exposed to indoor molds and mycotoxins to improve their quality of life.
4. Provide a safe, healthy, and habitable environment for people exposed to indoor molds and mycotoxins.
For more information about the National Indoor Mold Society, please visit or by e-mail at (press @

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