Save the Hassle, Save Some Money: Duh. Get it Right in the Bible Text!

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Did you every wonder why you have to look up so many references to find out what the bible really says? Here's why, with a new solution to reduce the hassle of bible study and save you some money.

Ancient Roots Translinear Bible (ARTB)

The "Ancient Roots Translinear Bible (ARTB)" is a completely new concept designed and patented by a scientist and bible-lover who asked the basic question: Why do we have to interrupt our reading of the bible to look up the original meaning of the Hebrew text in a separate book or footnote? Why don't English bible translations match the ancient text?

Author and scientist A. Frances Werner has done her homework. She has documented exactly why you have required to have the extra (and sometimes expensive) tools such as concordances, bible dictionaries and cross-referenced study bibles to decipher most English bible translations. By counting up all the word variations in the Old Testament in over 20 bibles, Werner has demonstrated that translators have unnecessarily complicated matters by not keeping the English consistent with the original Hebrew.

"If you look at the top 100 Hebrew words used in the Old Testament, you'll find that only one or two words are used 100% consistently in the bestselling bibles. That means that when you are reading, you can never be sure that you are following the original Hebrew without consulting another reference book," says A. Frances Werner.

You can view the detailed analysis of four English bible translations at the Ancient Roots website below. It compares the Ancient Roots Translinear Bible (ARTB) with the New International Version (NIV), the King James Version (KJV) and the New American Standard Bible (NASB). You will find that only two of the top 100 words in the KJV are 100% consistent with the original Hebrew, "Lord" and "altar". Thus, overall it is only 74% consistent with the original language. The NASB uses "Lord", "altar", and a third word consistently, "king", but yet is less consistent than the KJV with an overall score of 66%. The NIV does not use any English word consistently for these top 100 words, so overall, it is only 53% consistent. So, in these versions, you cannot do bible study without the hassle and cost of extra reference resources.

A. Frances Werner designed the Ancient Roots Translinear Bible (ARTB) to be 100% consistent with the ancient texts to simplify bible study. "The word "translinear" has been created to let you know that it is completely consistent between Hebrew and English. Thus, every unique English word matches every unique Hebrew word. Even thought the concept seems incredibly obvious and simple, it hasn't been done in 1500 years of English bible translations. That's why the ARTB is patented. Now you can save some time and money. You don't need to stop and reach for expensive reference books to be assured you finding the accurate word of God."

Additional detailed analysis of 20 popular bible versions can be found in Ms. Werner's recently published book, "Truth in Translation: Accuracy and Surprising Bias in the Old Testament", (ARTB Publishing, 2008), which is available at and The New Testament for the Ancient Roots Translinear Bible is expected in late 2008.

Ancient Roots®, Translinear®, and ARTB® trademarks are held by ARTB Publishing. Patent Pending.


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