H2O Mineral Foundation Takes Mineral Makeup to the Next Level

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Washington company combines loose minerals with nutrient water infusion to create foundation makeup that looks perfect while nourishing and protecting the skin.

Dori Patrick and Meri Yardley discovered how to meld superior long-lasting foundation makeup appearance with effective skin nourishment and protection. The trick was to devise an epidermal delivery system to infuse the nutrients into the skin. The answer is water.

Sisters Dori and Meri, owners of Terra Firma Cosmetics, wanted to improve on the idea of using minerals in makeup. After analyzing the properties of the major contenders on the market, they realized that the missing piece of the puzzle was direct epidermal and dermal nutrition. With that, they developed a "dry water" process that immediately penetrates the skin with nutrient water.

As stated on their Web page at http://www.terrafirmacosmetics.com/h2ominerals.html, one can actually feel the nutrient water on the skin as Terra Firma's H2O Mineral Foundation is applied. The water immediately penetrates the skin to release more than 70 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. The resulting "cooling" effect helps to soothe and calm the skin in preparation for other makeup.

Terra Firma's H2O Mineral Foundation joins their impressive existing collection of safe, non-toxic cosmetics and skin care products with an equally impressive motto: "get compliments on your skin, not your makeup."

In the words of Diana Mathias, Los Angeles staff writer for The Epoch Times, "gone is the idea that you have to sacrifice the health of your skin in order to be beautiful." In the article, Dori Patrick is quoted as noting that their products actually make her skin feel better than if she was wearing nothing on it at all. She further noted that many women who previously wore no makeup at all are now wearing Terra Firma products.

The sisters and their six siblings were raised by parents who placed great value on their "natural" lifestyle, no doubt due in part to their father's profession as a nutritional consultant. Dori and Meri were inspired early in life as the condition of their mother, who contracted breast cancer, made them cognizant of how many damaging chemicals are present in a wide variety of women's products.

Dori and Meri realized some time ago that quality was lacking in the beauty care realm of the natural and healthy market, particularly in terms of product, selection, and packaging. As sisters who were raised in a health conscious environment, they never gave up the search for effective beauty care products that were safe, natural, and healthy. After shopping department stores, their mission was clear: they had to formulate their own safe beauty care products and make them widely available.

About Terra Firma Cosmetics:
With a lifetime of inspiration and their successes in research, marketing and product distribution, Terra Firma Cosmetics are bringing beauty products to a better, safer, healthier level.

For more information about their alternatives to mainstream cosmetics, contact Dori Patrick or Meri Yardley or visit http://www.terrafirmacosmetics.com. Also, learn more by reading the article from The Epoch Times at http://epoch-archive.com/a1/en/us/bos/2008/02-Feb/28/B7.pdf.

Dori Patrick or Meri Yardley, Owners
Terra Firma Cosmetics
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