Global Sales Center Launches Providing Time Freedom Solutions for Global Resorts Network Home Business Owners

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Secure Business Solutions has been responsible for paying out over $4 Million dollars in commissions over the last 3 years, using a call center/sales center model where they do the selling and collect the money for their clients. They act as your employees, doing the sales presentations and closing work which often takes a lot of time and fine tuned skills. Now they are introducing The Global Sales Center specifically for the Global Resorts Network business owner.

In America, where the word "outsourcing" means death to many jobs, for the home business owner it's a welcome reprieve to the years of having to do everything for themselves. The concept of having employees or others to do the work for you is almost unheard of home business industry. But that's slowly changing. More and more home business owners are seeing the light and embracing the idea that they can work on their business, not in their business.

Operating a home business and doing it right, is no small task. There are many hats one has to wear. Secure Business Solutions recognizes this and provides an economical solution taking care of the most difficult task for the Global Resorts Network home based business owner.

So how does one use a sales center to their advantage? In a recent interview with Debbie Turner, a home business owner with Global Resorts Network (GRN), she states, "I hire out 80% of all my work, but in regards to the Global Sales Center specifically, it frees me up to not have to handle the whole closing and enrollment process. The way it works is that anytime a prospect calls in to the center through the 800 number or requests a free consultation from the website form, my sales staff will take very good care of them. I don't have to worry about it. The responsibility of the sales staff is to answer any questions the prospect has, present the business, help the prospect understand any aspect they aren't clear of, handle objections, close the sale, collect the money, walk the prospect through a step by step enrollment process and then turn them over me for training. Look at the time and energy I just saved. And, I don't pay a commission to the sales center for doing that. It's incredibly affordable."

While this is just one aspect of an example of outsourcing, it's an important part of the process when it comes to profits at the end of the month. Most home business owners are not comfortable handling objections or asking for the sale. Turner said the Global Sales Center allows the average person, especially just starting out, to jump in and advertise with confidence knowing that the calls will be handled by their full time staff.

Turner flew to Phoenix, AZ to meet with the owner of Secure Business Solutions, Hoyt Farmer. "There's a tremendous amount of integrity and honestly that this company was built on", says Turner. "That's pretty clear sitting face to face looking Farmer in the eyes and considering past performance of the Coastal Vacations Sales Center", Turner said. "He runs a tight unsinkable ship".

Business morals and values that Farmer set in concrete for the success of the Global Sales Center is critical to any GRN home business owner because one needs to understand that not all sales centers are created equal. There are sales centers out there that are less than ethical so Turner appreciates the integrity with which Farmer runs his business. Farmer has check and balance systems in place to insure everyone's well being and in the 3 years of successfully running the Coastal Vacations Sales Center, he's never had one incident. He says that with great pride, and well he should.

Every business owner for Global Resorts Network that becomes a part of the Global Sales Center is issued an ID code. The caller must be able to give the ID code or they don't get service. That protects the business owner whose ad or website the caller landed on. His salesmen must have at least 8 years of sales success and they must sign a non-compete wherein they cannot be a GRN member themselves to prevent any conflict of interest.

Farmer said during this interview that, "There are 3 fundamental problems for newbies who want to start a Global Resorts Network business from home. Actually, no matter what type of business it is, there are always these 3 issues to deal with.

1. People don't know how or like to sell over the phone.
2. People don't know how to close sales and ask people for the money.
3. People don't know how to generate leads or do internet marketing.

When people join with Debbie Turner in a home based business with Global Resorts Network, we take care of all 3 elements. We do the selling for them. We do the closing for them and ask for the sale, and finally, we do the best at teaching people how to do internet marketing, so they always have leads to work with," Farmer concluded.

With the launch of the Global Sales Center, the GRN home business owner can now outsource these important tasks and remove those heavy hats. As a result, the small business owner is free to spend more time with family and friends and doing the things they enjoy and have something they intended from the beginning, time freedom.


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