Roni Deutch Analyzes Tax Views of Remaining Three Presidential Candidates

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Nationally recognized tax attorney Roni Deutch has taken an in-depth look at the tax plans presented by the remaining candidates on her blog. Ms. Deutch has frequently blogged on the candidates tax views, and strongly encourages other to "think taxes" this election.

There's no doubt that the tax system has been skewed. And the Bush tax cuts - people didn't need them, they weren't even asking for them

With the presidential election on everyone's mind, The Tax Lady Roni Deutch has taken an in-depth look at the candidates tax plans and posted her findings on her personal blog.

"As we get closer to the general election, the candidates' tax views are becoming major components of their respective campaigns," notes Ms. Deutch. "In the beginning of the primary election, no one was talking taxes. However, because of my love of all things tax, I frequently blogged about the candidates' tax positions. Since I began blogging on the candidates, I have been interviewed by numerous reporters on the candidates' tax plans, and have even been quoted in international publications."

"I strongly encourage all of the voters to think about taxes and the economy when visiting the polls," Ms. Deutch continued. "Everyone knows that the economy is teetering on the edge of a recession, and a candidate's views on taxes has the potential to directly affect every single American. It is important to look beyond what the campaigns are saying and look at the facts surrounding their tax proposals. I hope the entries on my blog will encourage my readers to do their own research to stay informed this election."

Below are snippets from each of the blog entries Ms. Deutch has posted, along with links to the full article.

Senator Obama is a big believer in our progressive tax system -- and he is not afraid to hide that. So one of the first things Senator Obama is set to do is to let President Bush's 2001 and 2003 tax cuts selectively expire. "There's no doubt that the tax system has been skewed. And the Bush tax cuts - people didn't need them, they weren't even asking for them," claimed Senator Obama during a debate. By "selectively expire", Senator Obama endorses extending those tax cuts on the rates for all but the top two income tax brackets.

To read the full article on Obama's tax view click here.

Senator Clinton's support of a gas tax holiday has become an essential component of her campaign in the remaining primary elections, however it has caused her more negative criticism than positive. At first glance, the idea of a gas tax holiday seems like a good one. People across the nation are complaining about increases in the cost of fueling their vehicles and they want to get relief. By endorsing the gas tax holiday, it seemed like Senator Clinton was making a good campaign move by showing Americans that she understood their hardships and wanted to do something about it.

To read the full article on Clinton's tax view click here.

One of the most radical tax views of Senator McCain is his desire to make additional tax increases more difficult. He hopes to follow California Republicans in requiring a 3/5th super majority for any tax increases. This will, in effect, give the minority in congress more power and leverage to negotiate trades for important votes. However, given the current economic uncertainty, such a barrier could have devastating effects. This is especially the case under McCain's plan to increase our military presence around the world. It will cost the government billions of dollars. But without proper funding, a war cannot continue. Yet, with McCain's plan it would be difficult to pass tax increases to cover these military expenses.

To read the full article on McCain's tax view click here.

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