Not All Radio Broadcasters Need Unlimited Streaming Media Service

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Barnabas Road is reintroducing its limited streaming media service package to broadcast radio stations that stream less than 10,000 hours per month. The cost reduction is significant while providing all of the professional broadcaster services included in the unlimited bandwidth plan.

Today, Barnabas Road Media (BRM) announced the reintroduction of its limited streaming media service package. This limited service is intended to meet the needs of radio broadcasters who do not stream more than 10,000 listener hours each month.

Paul Gathard, President of BRM explained, "Many radio broadcasters that have just started to stream their broadcast or who operate in a very small demographic market have expressed their desire to not pay the higher rates for unlimited streaming media service. Our experience shows that many times these smaller broadcasters, paying the same rate as larger broadcasters, end up subsidizing the much higher bandwidth costs of larger radio broadcasters."

Barnabas Road offers a package solution that meets the needs of smaller radio broadcasters while still offering all of the professional services required by Commercial and Non-Commercial terrestrial radio broadcasters at no extra charge.

BRM's monthly fee for this limited service can be obtained by selecting the bandwidth desired, such as 16k, 20k, 32k, or 64k. The reduced rates are 16k = $0.006/hr, 20k = $0.009/hr, 32k = $0.015/hr, 64k = $0.0185/hr. based upon the full 10,000 hours. The minimum monthly fees for each selection are 16k = $60/mo, 20k = $90/mo, 32k = $150/mo, 64k = $185/mo.

Small Non-Commercial webcasters can stream up to 159,400 hours per month before they have to report each song played and how many people heard each song. Most Non-Commercial radio broadcasters will be able to keep their Performance Royalty payments at the minimum annual fee to the PRO - SoundExchange ($500).

Commercial Webcasters will need to report on a per performance basis to SoundExchange. BRM has its own fee for service proprietary reporting system (10% of base fee) or a fee based system from Ando Media ($75/mo + set up fee).

BRM's primary market niche is with Christian radio broadcasters, but BRM has all of the streaming services needed by other broadcasters such as ad-replacement from the 3 major ad-serving technology platforms, i.e. Ando Media, TargetSpot and StreamAds.

Barnabas Road serves hundreds of radio stations located in the US, Canada and Europe. Millions of listeners tune into BRM affiliate stations each month. The new limited service is reintroduced to encourage smaller broadcasters to start broadcasting on the Internet and to lower the streaming costs of smaller radio broadcasters worldwide.

Contact BRM toll free at 877-656-7200

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