EmploymentAuthority.com Gets Jobs in an Unconventional Way for Students and New Graduates

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EmploymentAuthority.com provides targeted mailing services to new graduates and college students seeking internships. In a tough economy, many students and recent graduates are using this service to find jobs. EmploymentAuthority.com is very effective in enabling new job seekers to track down jobs.

So many students will produce a cover letter that's like something taken out of a book, where only the names and dates are changed

College students and new graduates facing today's job market are seeing fewer opportunities using traditional job search methods. As job fairs struggle to attract businesses willing to discuss potential openings, a record number of job-seeking students are attending them.

Students should continue to network, submit resumes, and prepare for standard interview questions; however, to increase their hiring potential, students can also try targeted mailing. This involves in some case sending out "thousands of letters" to companies with profiles matching where a job seeker would like to work.

EmploymentAuthority.com, developed by Founder and CEO A. Harrison Barnes, uses a targeted mailing approach to assist new graduates and college students contact potential employers. It relies on a database of employers developed at a cost of several million dollars with a degree of accuracy that is unmatched by data available at college advisement centers or other job-search companies. Employment Authority identifies contacts that match the ideal positions and employers students are looking for. It then prepares flawless resumes and cover letters and custom prints them with the contacts printed on the letters and envelopes. All students need to do sign cover letters, stamp envelopes, and mail.

"Targeted mailing works, and it is by far the most effective way to get a job, Barnes says. "In many instances, our clients receive at least 15 job offers, and we have seen this occur in the worst of economies -- economies such as right now."

EmploymentAuthority.com can help students nearing graduation to find permanent positions. It can also help students find summer internships, which will give them valuable experience in their industry, not to mention an advantage over their competition when they graduate.

Facing the job market after graduation can be overwhelming. Students can easily get bogged down tailoring their resumes for each position they apply for. But with Employment Authority, students and other professionals can be rest assured they are using the hottest, most effective tools to land their dream jobs.

"So many students will produce a cover letter that's like something taken out of a book, where only the names and dates are changed," said Donna Seckar, director of career services at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro, as reported by USA Today.

The trick is to make sure to follow up with the potential employers with whom you have contacted. Students and professionals should take the time to make follow-up phone calls, and potential employers will recognize their persistence and sincerity.

As much as students and professionals have invested in their education, their investment of time and resources into finding potential employers will take them the rest of the way. Employment Authority will provide them with the next step, and they will also be there down the road.

Professionals today change careers an average of five times -- not jobs, but careers. That means they will change jobs every two to three years on average. Employment Authority keeps the confidential resumes and cover letters of its clients on file so they are available if clients need to use their services again in the future. Searching for a job can be a full-time occupation in itself, but with Employment Authority, there is less struggle and less stress. Clients are rest assured they are doing something productive towards finding a job.

"85 percent of all open positions are simply not published anywhere, not on employers' websites, not in classified ads. Even recruiters wouldn't know about these positions," Barnes says. "Through EmploymentAuthority.com, you will find job openings in your field that no one else knows about."


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