Former US Marine Provides Safety, Security, and Peace of Mind in Gun Free Zones

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Former US Marine solves the problem of security in gun free zones. With little training, today's personal defense devices save lives without endangering them.

It's like sleeping under the protection of The Marines

Former US Marine solves the problem of security in gun free zones. With little training, today's personal defense devices save lives without endangering them.

Did the Gun Free policy of Virginia Tech also require the students and faculty to be completely defenseless? Rick Lawrence, a former US Marine and owner of, doesn't think so. He believes lives could have been saved that day if the right attitude had been encouraged along with the use of today's personal protection devices. A student or teacher, armed with Oleoresin Capsicum Pepper Fog, could have turned a hallway into an impassable barrier. Temporarily blinded the choking gunman may have been easily over powered. But where are such products found and how does the average person know how to use them?

Just like jewelry, cookware, and makeup, personal protection devices have entered the arena of Home Parties. How about a lipstick pepper spray, an 800,000 volt cell phone stun gun, or rings that shoot incapacitating agents. In this country civilized people have the right to gun ownership, but practicalities often limit their decision to own? In a home with children, securing a firearm to its highest degree of safety also renders it useless in case of immediate need. Americans are still left with the task of defending themselves against savage attacks. Schools, shopping centers, and homes have become secluded, opposition frees enclosures for senseless violence. Does a Doctor in Cheshire, Conn have to lose his wife and children because he chose not to own a gun? The ability to out run or fend off an attacker is not evenly distributed upon the masses, too many become helpless prey. A single woman can have the confidence to walk alone at night because of the cost effective products and instruction provided by companies such as Lawrence's. It isn't always possible for a waitress, a student, a teacher, a cashier, or an office worker to keep a self defensive product on them. However, you can always wear a ring, carry an ink pen, or slide a lipstick in your pocket. These are just some of the new devices designed to camouflage the protection you carry.

In New Hampshire, where stun guns, tasers, and pepper spray are legal to own and carry, the crime rate is far below that of Massachusetts, but how long will that be the case if citizens are not made aware of their rights. Personal protection devices are the best alternative when firearms are not an option or choice. Even under the most legitimate of reasons, firearms, can result in financially devastating legal entanglements. Carrying a defensive spray or stun gun is not giving into fear, its empowering yourself to live a free life. At a Stunning Taser Party, guests also learn about keeping intruders out with hidden surveillance equipment, alarms, and monitoring systems programmable to call work phones, 911, or cell phones. Imagine laying in bed sleeping or watching TV, your cell phone rings and someone is in your backyard. You watch him form your bedroom window as you're armed with a 975,000 volt Stun Gun and Pepper Spray. "It's like sleeping under the protection of The Marines," Lawrence says, with a grin.


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