Launches New Nasal Polyps Treatment Without Having To Go Under the Knife

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Homeopathic expert, SinusWars LLC has made a breakthrough with its new SinusWars13 formula, designed to revolutionize the treatment of nasal polyps the natural, safe and effective way. Easy to take and non-invasive makes SinusWars13 the first line of attack against nasal polyps.

SinusWars, a company dedicated to providing homeopathic treatments for sinus conditions is to create a storm with their new nasal polyp formula SinusWars13.

SinusWars13 is a complex homeopathic remedy, packed with proven ingredients. This product has been fused together with exact science and formulation techniques to ensure that SinusWars13 provides both an effective treatment as well as preventative method which nasal polyp sufferers can use to combat nasal polyp re-growth after surgery (post surgery treatment).

The company's website, SinusWars website provides a complete guide as to what nasal polyps are and the symptoms associated with this horrendous condition, which in severe cases can cause facial disfigurement if left untreated.

But what makes SinusWars13 such a powerful nasal polyp treatment is the question that was posed to the SinusWars in-house homeopath. His response to this question was "Specially selected ingredients such as Calcarea Carbonica, Graphites, Teucrum Marum, Thuja Occidentalis, Phosphorous and Lemna Minor are carefully sourced from the finest plant and mineral extracts. Each ingredient is then titrated to its exact potency to make sure that they are compatible with the other ingredients and then fused together to produce SinusWars13. Each batch undergoes bacterial testing and once approved are packaged and sealed. These ingredients have been timelessly proven to remarkably help your body repair damaged mucus membranes and linings, reduce swelling, help with pain and discomfort and reduce and diminish the size and rate of nasal polyp recurrence. Our main priority in manufacturing the SinusWars13 product was to ensure that this product is effective, 100% safe for all age groups and has no known side effects, a priority which we have achieved."

Nasal polyp surgery (Polypectomy, Endoscopic sinus surgery), nasal sprays and conventional medicine currently on the market are all viable alternatives to nasal polyp treatment. However in all the above alternatives the likely-hood of polyps regrowing are high and nasal sprays and oral corticosteroids can only be taken for a limited time period.

Homeopathic products have been around for centuries and are known to treat an individual's body as a whole, taking into account a persons vital force and not only the presenting symptoms. As our bodies becoming more resistant to conventional medicine, homeopathy and SinusWars13 is the way forward.

SinusWars13 is the new alternative treatment to nasal polyps.
It has no known side effects and has an extremely high success rate.

  •     More information about nasal polyps can be found at: Polyps Information
  •     More information about SinusWars13 can be found at :SinusWars13
  •     Orders for the SinusWars13 product can be placed securely online at: Order SinusWars13 or call 866 714-3673 (Toll Free)
Your trusted sinus relief provider for life.
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About SinusWars LLC.:
SinusWars LLC has been around for some time now, researching and providing suitable remedies for various conditions. A company whose growth has no limits or boundaries. More and more Americans, physicians and doctors are using sinuswars products as an effective alternative to conventional medicine.


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