Philosophy 2.0

Share Article, a social news alternative, has been launched by Grant City Ventures Incorporated., a web 2.0 start-up that showcases philosophical, introspective, and entertaining thoughts, has been launched by Grant City Ventures Incorporated. Founder Grant Alan Friedline describes PhiloKings as a fresh alternative to social news. "Social news is all the rage right now. Digg, Reddit, and most recently Yahoo Buzz are powered by user submitted stories. The problem is that stories require a lot of work for the end user. You either have to take the time to write a really good story or spend your day searching for a diamond in the rough. Thoughts are much simpler to work with and they can be just as powerful as stories. That is why we built PhiloKings." users are allowed to submit three (3) thoughts per day. Thoughts are ranked by the actions of the PhiloKings community. Actions include voting on thoughts, flagging thoughts, and adding thoughts to favorites. All thoughts are ranked by the King Elect Algorithm. The owner of the highest ranking thought at the end of the day is elected king. King election has several benefits. The current king is featured on the home page and they receive a crown in their profile. The king also has the right to broadcast to the entire PhiloKings community.

"As our user base grows, broadcasting will become more meaningful. I wanted to build in something that truly rewards the people who submit excellent thoughts. In time I think broadcasting will provide that. It will be a really simple way to self promote," Grant added. is free to use. It is in beta stage. Grant plans to use strategic advertising and custom creatives to make the website profitable. "Sure, we can display a banner or two like everyone else. But I think that we can get much more creative than that. I think custom crowns could be sponsored, or maybe the whole ( skin. As long as it doesn't deviate from the spirit of the experience, it is fine by me."


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