Angela Brooks: Announcing a New Flavor of the ACT Energy Drink Called Tropical Blast

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Exhaustion ... Find out why Americans are tired and what they can do to increase their energy; Though adults are affected far more than children are, it seems that even our kids are exhausted lately. It is important for adults to be aware of how fatigue can affect a child and what real exhaustion is.

Angela Brooks of Russellville, KY announces a new flavor of the ACT Energy Drink called Tropical Blast. DrinkACT is a web-based energy drink company founded in June 2005 by Paul Gravette and Mark McKnight. Paul Gravette developed the DrinkACT concept to combine the power and technology of the Internet with word-of-mouth marketing. DrinkACT's goal is to change how consumers not only choose what energy drinks they buy, but also how they buy them. DrinkACT also wants to re-define customer loyalty by allowing those customers to become Dealers and participate in the $93 billion a year beverage industry. The new flavor of Tropical Blast A.C.T. Energy Drink is now out and ready to order wholesale or retail. Along with the original flavor of the ACT Energy Drink. You can place an order from this web site: to try the ACT Energy Drink.

Angela Brooks, is a specialist in natural health and a licensed nurse. For more information on exhaustion and natural energy products you can visit: to get a free sample of the healthy alternative to energy drinks that has sold over 500,000 units in under 6 weeks. Our home page is

Angela stated, "As a mother of 2 busy children whom are very active in sports and on the go, my husband and I were looking for something to help keep up with their busy schedules and our hectic work schedules. The ACT Energy Drink works very well for us and comes in ready to go pouches that I can add to water, juice or any drink I have with me for a lift in my mood and energy level." Angela also says, "My oldest child who plays in baseball and soccer can also drink the ACT for a boost and not worry about the sugar content (4 grams per 12 oz can) and only 26 calories."

Though adults are affected far more than children are, it seems that even our kids are exhausted lately. It is important for adults to be aware of how fatigue can affect a child and what real exhaustion is.

The word fatigue is used in everyday living to describe a range of afflictions, varying from a general state of lethargy to a specific work-induced burning sensation within one's muscles. It can be both physical and mental.

Physical fatigue or muscle weakness (or "lack of strength") is a direct term for the inability to exert force with ones muscles - literally being unable to function normally on a physical level.

Emotional exhaustion can come thru many avenues, such as stress, poor diet, unforgiveness, anger, hormones and other varying issues. Many times emotional exhaustion will tie into physical exhaustion and literally create a condition that looks like a serious medical complication.

Why are our kids exhausted and what is wrong with our nation with so many tired people? Could it be that after the rainbow has gone down and we've put so many tasks into our hours - we are now all struggling to keep up? Or is it a lack of fresh air, healthy diet and the reality of inactivity that makes matters worse?

The average adult acquires in one day 50% less activity than a generation just 40 years ago. With the invention of the computer, the car, motorized bikes, you name it - people just don't move around as much as they used to.

With an increase in heart disease, diabetes and even real medically documented fatigue we can see that there is a national epidemic of exhaustion that has occurred.

So many things call for our time and our attention on a daily basis this author often wonders if the barrage of over-stimulus and information is exhausting us all.

Prevention of such a health epidemic and crisis is in order. Maintenance of our bodies is as important as the maintenance of our automobiles. Our bodies allow us to work, to think, to have relationships - if we continue to strive through everyday, packing in more and more, eventually we all might crash.

There's an old saying that every American needs to learn and that is, "Take good care of yourself and you can then in turn care for someone else."


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