Amazing All Natural, Doctor Approved Appetite Control Product Released Straight From The Scientific Laboratory; Lose Weight The Safe And Healthy Way With FormulaPi2

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Appetite Control From A Delicious Chocolate Chew Packed With Slendesta™, Pi2 or Potato Protein extract. Pi2 Uses Scientifically Studied Proteinase Inhibitors To Release CCK Into The Blood Stream Allowing You To Eat On Average 30% Less Food At Each Meal Without Feeling Hungry. Less Calorie Intake Equals Loss Of Fat.

Weight Loss Formula Pi2, the real deal? Weight Loss Formula Pi2 and all of the products recently released containing Slendesta™ , Pi2 or Potato Protein extract has apparently struck a nerve with the pill and powder marketers and companies well entrenched in the pocket books of dieters everywhere. Formula Pi2, a delicious chocolate chew, has an extremely exciting satiety ingredient that is proteinase inhibitors. These inhibitors promote the body's release of CCK helping dieters feel full sooner and for longer periods of time. These natural appetite control products are simply taking America and Europe by storm. Attempts to keep dieters swallowing pills and spending too much money looking for the instant result weight loss pill, is coming to an end with these Pi2 products.

The facts surrounding Pi2 are well founded in science, clinically studied and promoted as a natural satiety ingredient. The fact is that Pi2 is a proteinase inhibitor II which releases Cholecystokinin or CCK into a subject's blood stream. The facts are that CCK release in the human gut communicates via the vegas nerve to promote satiety or a feeling of fullness and satisfaction similar to what a person feels when they have eaten a full meal. Studies show many benefits with regards to blood glucose levels, hunger control and resulting weight loss. The fact is most dieters did not put on their excess pounds overnight; the expectation to lose it should be one that involves time, commitment, and intelligent approach and support.

The cost of all the Pi2 containing products released is well in line with the cost of producing a nutritional product. Slendesta™ is an extremely labor and technically intensive product produced from thousands of pounds of white potato. It has a wholesale cost that can rival that of any active pharmaceutical for weight management on the market today. The novel delivery systems recently launched by Weight Loss Formula Pi2™ and Slentiva™ i.e. Chocolate Caramel Chews; Chocolate soft chews etc. are different and much more labor intensive than producing a pill or capsule. An added benefit is that these novel delivery systems taste better and are easier to take then swallowing 3 to 12 pills per day.

The claims associated with all of the newly released products are well founded and logical. There are no promises of huge weight reductions in short periods of time, or over the top claims of performance by any of these products. None of these products claim to burn fat and melt away pounds overnight or give you 24 hours of appetite control. Why would one want 24 hour appetite control? Food is not the enemy, huge portions of food are. Humans need to eat to function, so to use supplements to starve one makes no logical sense, is not intrinsically healthy and is a recipe for diet failure. Pi2 products allow you to eat, just to eat smaller portions.

The use of Proteinase Inhibitors is well founded and extensively studied and should be considered a valuable tool for anyone attempting a lifestyle change resulting in weight loss. Supplements are a tool to be used along with exercise, better food choices and eating less. The ability to eat fewer calories is simply made easier when a person utilizes a tool which is safe and free from unwanted side effects. Pi2 allows people to get on with the business of changing their eating habits, making better choices and improving their over all health without the distraction of hunger or feelings of hyper stimulation.

The time is ripe for diet products to stop insulting the intelligence of and preying on the desperation of people who know they need to lose weight and want a product that can help them in their overall portion control weight loss plan. The time has come for ridiculous claims of medically and scientifically impossible weight loss claims to stop and for consumers to be offered choices based in study and science.

With Weight Loss FormulaPi2, one can lose weight the natural and healthy way. Healthy lifestyle changes, better food choices and exercise will help all us reach our weight loss goals.

Try formula Pi2 during your transition to a healthier, lighter, and happier you.


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