Should Companies Use Recruiters in Today's Economy? Is the Internet Really the Best Solution for Identifying the Best Job Candidates?

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In today's economy, more companies than ever are turning to the Internet to find their employees. However, has this revolutionary tool ceased to be the most effective way to look for candidates? Are companies truly getting the best value for their money? Moreover, is the cost of staffing actually draining your profits?

Recruiters can be a valued resource for the company, because they can respond quickly to the company's needs, saving both time and money.

Although the Internet has enabled companies to post jobs and afforded candidates the opportunity to apply for these positions, it has ultimately made the process virtually ineffectual. Now companies are in competition with hundreds of other companies for the same candidates. In addition, candidates now have thousands of others competing for the same positions to which they are applying. This makes one wonder if the cost spent in Internet advertising is giving you the results that you wanted.

Not only is the cost of advertising a drain on company profits, but the dollars spent on interviewing, testing, hiring and training can be many times more than the individual's salary. In addition, a "bad hire" can typically cost approximately three percent of the employee' annual salary.

Human Resources, who have the daunting challenge of finding new employees, must also focus on employee benefits, employee training, 401K programs, salary administration, employee retention, succession planning, employee policies and procedures, immigration, and legal issues. After receiving hundreds of resumes for an open position, Human Resources must receive, date stamp, log into a tracking system, cross reference against other sources that may have submitted the resume. In addition, they must check for multiple resumes from the candidate, review and sort, rank order, submit to the hiring manager, and follow up with the hiring manager regarding level of interest.

If that is not enough, Human Resources will eventually have to follow up with hiring manager regarding level of interest, coordinate the on-site interview, make travel arrangements, generate rejection or offer letters, perform background checks, perform drug testing, coordinate with employee regarding relocation package, process the candidate upon arrival, process through orientation, etc. Since the ratio of resumes to hires is extremely high, the cost to the company is not only financial, the time spent and opportunities lost because of having to wade through these unsolicited resumes is enormous.

According to Linda Wagner, President of Technical Professional Staffing, "Recruiters can be a valued resource for the company, because they can respond quickly to the company's needs, saving both time and money." She stated that, "Recruiters do not just send paper, because they take the time to have a good understanding of the job requirements to make sure that they are sending fully qualified candidates. They also take the time to become familiar with your company and to understand the policies and culture, to make sure that the candidate will be a good fit.

A good recruiter will be a liaison between the company and the candidate. The recruiter has more time then Human Resources to discuss the candidate's career goals and aspirations and to work as a career counselor. They can get a good understanding of their accomplishments and can tell if the candidate is serious about accepting a position.

Companies know that recruiters can expand their range of potential candidates. Some of the best candidates are not on the job market, so they have not looked on the web, nor broadcasted their resumes into the market. Recruiters have the time to network with these individuals, where Human Resources generally does not.

A good recruiter is a hard working professional whom will only recommend the most qualified candidates for their clients. They can provide you with potential candidates that you would not have otherwise known about. They will do the search, screening and interviewing of candidates, saving the company vast amounts of time and money. Most importantly, recruiters want to work with you to find just the right candidate, one who will fit into your organization and become a valued employee.

Technical Professional Staffing earned its reputation by providing highly qualified and professional candidates to our clients. We strive to form a professional, ethical and cooperative relationship with our clients and candidates. We provide nationwide placement of qualified candidates in the areas of Engineering, Manufacturing Management, Operations, Quality and Validation and Research and Development.

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