A Free Solution To High Gas Prices Revealed On YouTube.com - TypoBounty.com via GasMoneyToolbar.com Helps Consumers Cope

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Consumers fed up with high gas prices are using innovative ways to afford the cost increase. The Gas Money Toolbar, downloadable from TypoBounty.com helps consumers afford rising gas prices while helping companies market their products more effectively for less cost.

A new online tool called the Gas Money Toolbar that works in conjunction with TypoBounty.com, provides a win-win situation between businesses that want the undivided attention of consumers, and consumers that want a shot at gaining gas money.

Consumers do their part to make the Internet error free. By creating a free "ERROR BOUNTY HUNTER" account on TypoBounty.com and reporting each error that they see online, consumers can earn over $2.00 for every valid report. Spotting and reporting misspelled words, punctuation and grammatical errors, broken links, etc. first, can provide gas money while allowing the user to learn about some of the best products on the market. It's a fun game that allows users to compete against the world!

The user simply uses the Internet as they always have and refer sites with errors. When the website elects to put their errors up for grabs they list their website on TypoBounty.com for the picking. The referrer gets a head start on reporting the errors and earning the money.

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Rising fuel costs have been a major source of pain for consumers. With prices threatening to hit the 4 and 5 dollar mark, consumers are looking for ways to offset the affects of rising prices and a shaky economy.

The Gas Money Toolbar / TypoBounty.com toolbar allows the user to report errors directly from their computer's desktop. This allows users to claim and report errors that they find online quickly in an effort to earn any money offered for them in the future. Since it is free for consumers to use, the benefits of using it can be quite substantial. Virtually any driver can beat back the affects of rising gas prices.

Why would businesses participate? "Businesses know that crazy rises in gas prices are driving consumers to seek ways to relieve the pressure". Says, Arnold Wallace. "Placing an ad in that stream of traffic is an excellent way to get products noticed and remembered. It's great PR, as companies and corporations are seen as caring for their potential customer's fuel cost dilemma, while simultaneously getting their product sales pitches truly considered, as they are read more attentively. This increases the likely hood of the information being retained and the sell being made".

Businesses offering their company's website errors up for the hunt, know that it costs a fraction of what traditional advertising and marketing costs, provides a more attentive audience and it presents a public relations triumph.

Advertising costs actually go down over time as errors are reported and eliminated and the effectiveness of the company's website and marketing materials go up.

High gas prices are here to stay, the economy is strained and consumers are struggling. Advertising and marketing in areas where there is a legitimate feeling of helping consumers deal with the current economic struggle is just a smart PR move.

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