Patented Innovative Product Seeks A Manufacturer or Angel Investor (See It On (Recession Proof)

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A patented, recession proof product needs a manufacturer. The product has multiple huge markets and low manufacturing costs. It sells great in good times and during economic down turns, the product actually becomes more appealing to millions of consumers.

A Houston inventor seeks to license a patented product with huge markets and low manufacturing costs.

The angled, interlocking, portable cushion design solves the painful problems that millions of people experience daily.

The patented product appeals to millions of consumers in several different demographics. The driving force behind consumers purchasing this product is "pain elimination". Products that alleviate pain are some of the hottest products on the market. Even in tough economic times, products that eliminate pain don't loose their appeal. Physical pain is intolerable to many.

The product is easily demonstrated which allows for a quick understanding of the product's benefits. It's great for stores, infomercials, commercials, and internet sells!

Patent # 6,578,217 - YOU CAN SEE IT WORK AT:

Millions of people from all walks of life kneel for some reason or another. Kneeling is a needed position for so many activities. This patented Comfort Kneeling product is the only one that addresses 100% of the problems experienced by millions of people during activities that require them to kneel for more than 10 seconds.

Kneeling Hurts! Until now, millions of individuals have assumed the kneeling position without proper support, enduring the pain and discomfort while performing their required task.
Simply placing a cushion between the user's knees and the hard surface addresses less than 10% of the painful problems experienced by the human body when the kneeling position is assumed. Crunched toes, over extended knees, loss of blood circulation, overextension of leg muscles and sharp pressure points are just a few of the problems other products do not address.

The dual cushion design of the Comfort Kneeling CushionÔ, solves problems:
1. Quadriceps Muscles No Longer Over- Extended (Cushion 1)
2. Cushion 2 Prevents Over-Extension of Knee Joint By Limiting Leg Bend
3. Cushion 1 prevents Knees from resting on hard surfaces.
4. Cushion 2 prevents legs from bending and creating reduced blood circulation
5. Entire leg is supported by Cushion 1
6. Toes no longer bearing body's weight. User's weight redistributed by Cushion 1.
7. Cushion 1 prevents reduced blood circulation scenario by allowing muscles to remain relaxed.
8. Ankle is supported and no longer bearing the body's full weight (Cushion 1)
9. Buttocks resting on a cushioned, even surface of Cushion 2
10. Cushion 2 prevents reduced blood circulation scenario by allowing muscles to remain relaxed.
11. Back properly aligned (Cushions Both 1 and 2)

The Markets For This Product Are Huge
The Comfort Kneeling Cushion solves all of those problems and it looks good doing it. That makes it something that people can carry anywhere like the millions of people that kneel for different reasons.

  • Gardening (Millions of Gardeners)
  • Religious (Billions of Religious Observers)
  • Prayer Events (Millions "National Day Of Prayer"

"Global Day Of Prayer")

  • Electricians
  • Parents bathing children (Millions of Parents)
  • Playing with Pets (Millions of Pet Owners)
  • Bathing Pets (Millions of Pet Owners)
  • Playing with children (Millions of Parents)
  • Auto Repair (Millions of Vehicle Owners)
  • Filing (Millions of Office Workers)
  • Repair technicians
  • Great As A gift (Millions Gift Buyers)
  • Plumbing
  • Cleaning The Home (Millions of Home Owners)
  • Job Related Tasks (Millions of Potential Users)

There are many ways to market this product:

  • A generic version of this product with no embroidered message appeals to all markets
  • Add a pet slogan on it and pet owners will love and buy it.
  • Add a scripture on it and religious community will love and buy it.
  • Add a tool slogan on it and mechanics will love and buy it.
  • Add a parental slogan on it and parents will love and buy it.
  • Add video or board game slogan on it and children will love and buy it.

The product also works great as a promotional or advertising product. Tool companies, churches, pet product manufactures, Garden product manufactures and so many others could sell or hand these out as a gift to customers and/or members with their advertisement on it. Their message would be seen over and over again as the product is used and reused.

  • It's a known fact that prayer activities increase during economic hard times. So, this product becomes more appealing even as other products see sell declines. Embroider a religious slogan on the cushion and it appeals to millions that pray to make their circumstances better.

It is Easy To Demonstrate! For TV infomercials, Stores and Internet.

Would be a great seller in store types such as:
Religious Stores
Auto Parts Stores
Pet Stores
Hardware Stores

Patent # 6,578,217 - YOU CAN SEE IT WORK AT:

This product does that and it has the ability to appeal to different markets. It is Easy To Demonstrate!

When people can play with their pets longer, focus on their prayer rather than their pain, and concentrate on the task at hand rather than rush to get off their knees, everything is more enjoyable.

A manufacturing exclusive is available.

For Angel Investors estimated $500,000 for contract manufacturing, warehousing, shipping, and marketing purposes. Estimate being profitable in 6 months. to 1 year.

A Licensing Manufacturer, or Angel Investor can contact me at or John3M @


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