Squace Makes Using Internet On Ordinary Mobile Phones As Simple As On Computers

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Swedish startup introduces radically intuitive user interface - no typing required

We offer you precision, contextual audience targeting that's based on our users' profile, preferences and tags, and a fast and easy way to deliver new personalized services.

Squace today introduced a new mobile phone application that makes surfing, searching and sharing Internet content fast and easy without typing.

Designed for people who rely on the Internet as their primary source for news, information and entertainment, and want real-time Web content anytime, anywhere -- not just when they're sitting at their computer -- the free software features a uniquely phone-friendly interface that can be continually updated and personalized so the user is always able get to exactly what they want and care about most on the Web.

"Squace is a game-changer -- it's time to give the mobile Internet another try," said Aage Reerslev, Squace CEO and founder. "Instead of something you only use out of desperation, Squace makes the mobile Internet easy to use any time -- when you're commuting to work on the bus or train, waiting for kids at sports practice, or chatting with friends in a café."

How Squace works
Simple data services for mobile phones, including Internet access is nothing new. However, during the past decade while computer-based Internet use evolved rapidly, mass use of mobile data services has yet to materialize, even though most of the necessary prerequisites are now in place. Phones with large screens, lots of memory and advanced operating systems are readily available. And, by early next year there will be more than 3 billion mobile phone users worldwide, of which roughly half will have fast data access (2.5G and higher), significantly outnumbering home Internet penetration.

But without advancements in interface technology, users -- especially the less technically savvy, who know what the Internet offers and what services they would like to access from their mobile devices -- will not use the full range of services available because getting to them is too complex, confusing and slow.

Founded in 2006 and privately funded by more than 30 private investors, Squace was created to change the landscape.

In a recent study by the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, participants were asked to solve 10 information-searching problems. With Squace, they did it with up to 88 percent fewer clicks in nine out of 10 problems, and up to 78 percent faster in eight out of 10 problems, compared with a leading carrier's mobile Internet portal and software.

With Squace, the mobile phone's screen is divided into a grid of small squares. Each square is linked to a Web service such as a newsfeed, web site, game or widget. As the user moves the cursor over the grid, pop-ups appear revealing the connected content. When the user finds the one they're looking for, a single click opens the content in a format that is readable and useful on a small screen.

And, because Squace is independent of carriers, operators and manufacturers, it always looks and works exactly the same from phone to phone.

For content creators and advertisers
Squace drastically lowers barriers to going mobile for Internet content creators and advertisers. There is no charge to use the Squace Tool Box, built on common, open standards and makes it possible to adapt existing Web sites in just minutes and create new mobile services in just a few hours.

And because Squace is network and handset independent, content creators and advertisers can be assured of a consistent look and feel for their content, services or brand on all phones.

"Think of Squace as a new way to extend your current business on the Web and create new revenue streams,'" said Reerslev. "We offer you precision, contextual audience targeting that's based on our users' profile, preferences and tags, and a fast and easy way to deliver new personalized services."

Terms and conditions
Squace is free to download, use and share with friends. It can be sent to most Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and Samsung phones from http://www.squace.com. A complete list of compatible phones is available on the Squace web site.

Squace is independent of mobile telephony standards and can be used with 3G and GSM phones.

About Squace
Squace is a free mobile phone application for people who want fast, easy access to real-time Internet content anytime, anywhere.

Squace gives users a uniquely phone-friendly, intuitive interface that makes surfing, searching and sharing Internet content possible on ordinary mobile phones without typing. Users can continually update and personalize their links so they can always get to what they want and care about most.

For content providers and advertisers who want to use mobile phones to connect and interact with their Internet customers Squace provides a network-independent, open mobile platform for creating mobile sites in minutes and full-blown mobile services in just a few hours.

Go mobile! Download Squace today at http://www.squace.com.

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