Now Preschoolers Can Learn to Read and Do Math -- in Just Minutes a Day

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dEcode® for Kids is a new program that's simple and effective in teaching kids how to read and do math.

dEcode® for Kids is a unique program that teaches children between the ages of 3 and 6, earlier is even better, successful literacy and numeracy skills -- in just minutes a day.

Parents want their child to learn early and have a head start at reading and doing math before they enter kindergarten, however they often lack of the tools and the time to do it. dEcode® for Kids helps parents solve both these problems.

"In dEcode® for Kids, both the reading and math programs are designed for maximum efficiency which is so important for children at this age whose primary job is to play!" says Leslie Grant (M.Ed.), Director of The Lawrence Park School in North Toronto, which uses the dEcode® for Kids programs. "Ten minutes a day is more than enough, and the children really enjoy both the books and the CD programs."

Governments, municipalities, school boards, teachers and parents are recognizing the importance of starting the process of reading and doing math in the preschool years of a child's life.

Teaching a child to read is considered the key to building self-confidence and instilling the necessary skills to succeed in school and life, according to the Ontario Ministry of Education.

With over thirty years of clinical practice, working with hundreds of young children between the ages of three and six, Dr. Debby Chesnie Cooper recognized a need for the very young to have an enticing way to learn about sounds and numbers. The dEcode® for Kids curriculum delivers a solid learning foundation in reading for pre-school children and gives them an accelerated head-start in learning to read.

"dEcode for Kids® is different than any other program as it is the only reading program that starts at the very beginning -- with the auditory coding of single sounds," says Dr. Debby Chesnie Cooper, Developmental and Educational Psychologist and Director of The Chesnie Cooper Educational Centre*, leaders in child and educational psychology. "Other reading programs skip too quickly over the early stages of phonetic decoding-- only dEcode® for Kids takes all the steps required to truly learn to decode. The dEcode® for Kids program, with its careful early attention to auditory coding can even overcome certain mild LDs which may then never manifest in the future for the young learner."


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