Boston Analytics Unveils Monthly India Watch Sector-Based Research Reports

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"Healthcare in India" is the first sector to be analyzed based on time-series data from Boston Analytics Consumer Sentiment Index surveys; Indian consumers are upbeat about healthcare quality trends but concerned about rising costs.

Boston Analytics, a customized knowledge services company, today announced the launch of a new series of monthly reports that analyze consumer observations and sentiments of a given sector. These reports are based on the results of monthly surveys amassed for the Boston Analytics Consumer Sentiment Index (BACSI), developed by a Boston Analytics team led by Sam Thomas Ph.D., director of research and development.

The inaugural Syndicated Research Report focuses on India's healthcare sector and captures consumer responses to questions in the following areas:

  •     Health profile and behavior of Indians
  •     Health insurance
  •     Prescription medication
  •     Over-the-counter drugs
  •     Diagnostic services
  •     Emergency medical care
  •     Systems of medicine
  •     Specialist medical care
  •     Access to medical/healthcare information

"The BACSI provides a wealth of information on consumer attitudes that is useful to policymakers, companies and investors involved in consumer-centric industries," said Rashid Bilimoria, CEO and Co-Founder, Boston Analytics. "Our Boston Analytics Syndicated Research Reports leverage this consumer sentiment time-series data to provide deeper insight into business cycles and trends in India."

Some of the interesting findings from the survey:

1. Quality of healthcare in the country as a whole
According to the results of the survey, the Indian consumer is very optimistic about trends in the quality of healthcare in the country:
                 -    Almost three out of four said that quality has improved in the last 12 months
                 -    More than three out of four said that it will improve in the next 12 months
                 -    Delhi and Chennai depict higher optimism compared to Mumbai and Kolkata
                 -    However, responses based on personal experiences of services received by the consumers do not depict an equally positive picture about quality improvements in healthcare services.

2. Cost of healthcare in the country as a whole
Concern is widespread about healthcare cost:
                 -    Almost three out of four said that cost has increased in the last 12 months
                 -    More than three out of four expected cost to increase in the next 12 months
                 -    Respondents in Mumbai seem to have experienced lower cost increases than respondents in the other three metros

3. Insurance
                 -    According to the results of the survey, 50% of the respondents were insured
                 -    Among respondents without a health insurance cover,
                                         67% stated that they do not need it
                                         13% said that they don't know how to get it
                 -    The survey revealed that health insurance penetration varies by metro
                                         More than two out of three respondents in Chennai were insured
                                         Only one out of three respondents in Mumbai was insured
                 -    Choice of vendor also varied by metro
                                         Private plans are dominant in Chennai and Delhi, while Kolkata and Mumbai had a larger number of people opting for government plans

4. Systems of Medicine
                 -    According to survey results, eight out of ten respondents relied on allopathy for treatment

5. Sources of healthcare-related information
                 -    About four out of five respondents relied on physicians for all health-related information
                 -    In Delhi, a larger percentage of respondents were media-savvy for gathering healthcare information
                 -    In line with the finding that the physician is the center point for healthcare information for majority of respondents, four out of five respondents complied with both dosage and duration of prescribed medication

Upcoming reports
Areas that will be featured in the future Syndicated Research Reports Series for India will include automotive, retail, consumer goods, entertainment and retirement behavior.

About Syndicated Research Reports
Syndicated Research Reports are based on monthly BACSI surveys of more than 3,000 respondents across four major Indian metropolitan areas--Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. A stratified sampling process is adopted for this with the stratas based on the socio-economic conditions of the respondents to ensure a proper representation of the population. All data is collected via face-to-face interviews.

The BACSI is computed from dozens of questions covering various variables affecting a consumer's consumption sentiment. Diffusion values (representing the positive bias in responses) are computed for each question. The index then is computed from the ratio between weighted diffusion value sums of the current and base surveys. The weights are based on the importance of each variable.

Syndicated Research Reports are available for purchase from Boston Analytics. More information, including the executive summaries of each month's BACSI and Syndicated Research Reports, is available at

About Boston Analytics
Boston Analytics provides its corporate, consulting and financial clients the current, accurate and actionable research and analysis--so they can be the first to uncover and exploit opportunities. The firm's work powers knowledge processes and enables effective decisions at all levels of its clients' businesses. Boston Analytics brings together leading analytical minds worldwide, delivers robust offerings of knowledge services and works as a genuine partner.

Boston Analytics delivers enterprise-wide knowledge advantage by providing fully customized knowledge services as well as flexible, preconfigured knowledge products and repositories. All knowledge services and products are tailored to meet the specific needs of corporations, consulting companies and financial services firms.

Boston Analytics is headquartered in Boston with offices in New York, London and Mumbai.
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