Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsy Dad

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A compilation of Father's Day gift ideas from Lawn-Boy, BugBand, Yard Butler and Bug Blaster

Contrary to popular belief, your dad or husband probably hasn't been dreaming about unwrapping yet another plaid necktie this Father's Day. More likely -- especially if he's a guy who'd rather spend time outside dropping a fishing line in the lake or manicuring the yard to golf-course perfection -- he's got his eye on a cool new tool designed to make life in the great outdoors a little easier and more fun. Here's a roundup of Father's Day gift ideas from Lawn-Boy, BugBand, Yard Butler and Bug Blaster perfect for an outdoorsy dad:

Lawn-Boy Insight lawn mower
Life in the backyard doesn't have to be a pain. If dear old Dad is struggling with an unreliable, outdated mower that forces him to strain his muscles and joints, consider giving him a high-tech Lawn-Boy Insight mower designed to work with the body, rather than against it. While they were designing the easy-to-use Insight mowers, Lawn-Boy engineers studied homeowners using mowers in their yards, documented how they exerted energy and strained their bodies while mowing, and developed new features to make mowing a breeze, including adjustable handles, ergonomic grips, reduced mower weight, a bag you can remove with just one hand and easy-turn wheels.

Some Lawn-Boy Insight models also feature a slick self-propel system, which automatically senses and adjusts the mower to Dad's walking speed, up to five miles per hour. Lawn-Boy Insight mowers start at around $369. For more information, http://www.Lawn-Boy.com or http://www.FindYourMower.com .

Rocket Weeder
It's no secret that weeding consistently ranks as people's least-favorite gardening chore. Now Dad can retire his frustrating, knuckle-busting weeding fork once and for all: Yard Butler's Rocket Weeder is the perfect tool to help make this often backbreaking job easier. With its unique gripping action, the innovative Rocket Weeder tackles the biggest, toughest weeds -- roots and all -- without damaging the surrounding turf and without using chemicals.

The tool grabs the weed without breaking off the roots, while its ergonomic, easy-on-the-back handle does most of the work by rocking the weed and root up and out of the ground. The ejector button deposits the weed exactly where you want it, and keeps your hands clean in the process. The durable, all-steel Rocket Weeder comes with a lifetime guarantee and is available at lawn & garden and home centers for around $28. It's also available at http://www.YardButlerStore.com .

BugBand natural insect repellent
Hunters, campers, anglers and golfers know all too well the buzzing, biting insects that seem to target their bare skin and clothing the second they step into the great outdoors. And they also know what can happen to their expensive equipment when they use synthetic, man-made pesticides. A new insect repellent called BugBand is an effective alternative to traditional insect repellents, such as DEET-based products, without melting monofilament fishing line or damaging Dad's beloved guns, bows or golf equipment.

Whether he's hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, gardening, playing outside, picnicking or golfing, BugBand wristbands, spray and towelettes use Geraniol vapors to create an invisible shield to keep Dad bug-free. (Soldiers in Iraq have even used BugBand wristbands to protect against sand fleas.) It's available online at http://www.BugBand.net , and at department, grocery and drug stores across the country.

Bug Blaster watering wand
If your dad's bugged about a different type of insect problem -- pests that nibble on his prized plants and trees -- consider giving him the Bug Blaster watering wand, which annihilates aphids and wipes out whiteflies without the use of pesticides.

The key to the Bug Blaster's performance is its patent-pending nozzle, which, when attached to a garden hose, creates a 360-degree, full-pressure wall of water that blasts pests from the undersides and tops of leaves. It fatally traumatizes up to 70 percent of adult insects and up to 100 percent of insects in the infant or larval stages. It also dislodges most eggs, no matter if they're on the top or bottom of leaves.

Formerly frustrated homeowners aren't the only ones singing its praises -- a University of California study found that directing a strong stream of water to the underside of whitefly-infested leaves worked as well or better than chemical treatments. The Bug Blaster watering wand is available at http://www.mybugblaster.com for about $25.


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