Kozio Supports Freescale's Latest PowerQUICC™ III Processor (MPC8544E)

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At-Speed Embedded Circuit Board Test Tool Streamlines Validation of Advanced Interconnect Technologies and other Processor Features

Kozio®, Inc. (http://www.kozio.com), the leading provider of automated at-speed hardware functional test for digital circuit boards, announced today support for the latest Freescale PowerQUICC™ III processors, the MPC8544 and MPC8544E. The second-generation Kozio solution is delivering test coverage and fault isolation for today's complex processors and circuit board designs, requiring minimal engineering efforts.

Kozio's kDiagnostics® product provides an embedded circuit board test solution for functional testing of Freescale-based hardware, including the MPC8544E series of processors, as well as numerous other CPUs and chipsets.

Features of the MPC8544E fully supported by kDiagnostics include: e500 Core, L1 Instruction Cache, L1 Data Cache, DDR/DDR2 Controller, Local Bus Controller, Programmable Interrupt Controller, DUART, two eTSEC Controllers (10/100/1000), PCI, PCI Express, and the DMA Controller. Standard hardware test suites also include focus, flow, and stress testing for USB, SATA, Gigabit Ethernet, and other components which can save man-years of test development effort. With Kozio's functional test technology you isolate failures to components at full processor speeds, reducing your test cost, improving product quality, and improving customer satisfaction.

Other features of the latest kDiagnostics release include 10/100/1000 automated test cycling through all interface speeds, port to port Ethernet testing eliminating complex test equipment set ups, remote communications for testing over a local area network, protected image transfers to reject corrupted images, and improved user guides for test methodologies and test execution.

About kDiagnostics®
kDiagnostics represents an advanced evolution in automated circuit board testing and troubleshooting. The core test functionality extends beyond structural and emulated test methods to validate memory subsystems, Gigabit Ethernet channels, PCI Express busses, SATA channels, and USB data paths right through the connector. Stress testing uses advanced processor features such as DMA along with proprietary routines. The beauty of the solution is that it requires less than an hour to set up and choose test cases, a minimal connection to the target, and simple loopback plugs.

The kDiagnostics Manufacturing Suite provides a state-of-the-art operator interface with full automation and test tracking via an integrated database. In addition to providing test coverage for all logic components, this technology programs NAND and NOR flash memories at their fastest programmable speeds.

kDiagnostics and the Manufacturing Suite test automation software are available now. Pricing for kDiagnostics is set per the microprocessor family. Two week delivery is standard. Please contact Kozio Sales for additional information. http://www.kozio.com/contact/

About Kozio, Inc.
Kozio™ delivers a thorough and extendable software validation suite to test circuit boards for embedded systems. Our tools compliment other technologies such as ICT, JTAG and Boundary Scan by providing full functional test during design and manufacturing. Our diagnostics platform includes test suites for NAND/NOR Flash memory, DDR, RapidIO®, PCI Express, USB and many other embedded technologies from AMCC, Freescale, Intel, Broadcom, Micron, and others. Our extensible test architecture gives the design and manufacturing test engineers more visibility into, and control of, their hardware with easier test automation. Kozio's validation tools have become the leading software for board bring-up, manufacturing test, power-on self-test (POST), technical support, and returns testing.

Kozio software reduces project schedule risk and development costs while increasing test coverage and end-product reliability. Technology companies across the globe use Kozio products. Please contact us for a free consultation regarding functional test coverage for your circuit board. Please visit http://www.kozio.com.

For further information, or to receive an online press kit, please contact:
Kozio, Inc.
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