Caregivers Can Prevent Energy Costs from Isolating and Endangering Elderly

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Increasing gasoline prices cause almost daily 'Pain at the Pump' headlines and news stories. Most drivers collectively sigh and dig deeper to pay. Little attention is being paid to the effect of spiraling prices on the elderly who live on fixed incomes. Rising energy prices may leave them isolated and their lives endangered. Parent Care is offering tips to caregivers to help avert potential tragedy.

Filling the tank at the local gas station has become a painful ritual as whirling meters mete out wince-inducing totals. Many just grin and bear it. Others have forsaken their vehicles for mass transit. But for millions, spiraling prices are an ominous cloud. They are the country's caregivers who already spend 10 to 15 percent of their income assisting elderly parents. Many were already stretched to the limit and energy prices are a tipping point. Living on fixed incomes, many elderly have begun doing without necessities like food and medicine just to get by. The outlook for this winter is even more foreboding as many seniors will find themselves increasingly isolated and potentially endangered.

The June feature article on Parent Care focuses on this important topic. It can assist caregivers as they help their parents ride out the looming economic 'Perfect Storm' of fixed incomes, rising prices and reduced assistance from adult children. Recent surveys of the firm's subscribers yielded some worrying results. Over 10 percent of long distance caregivers cannot visit elderly parents as often due to spiraling gasoline prices and airfares that have become prohibitive. More than 20 percent of household aides are requesting fee increases to offset commuting costs. Soaring food costs are forcing over 30 percent of elderly parents to eat less and less nutritious meals.

"The survey results were a red flag for us!" Parent Care president Bill Gillis indicated. "When almost a third of respondents to the survey express grave concerns about their parents' well being, this is an bleak and troubling sign. So we feel compelled to more than merely report problems and offer some solutions."

The article presents issues and concerns identified in the survey along with preventative and remedial steps to address them. It also highlights many practical actions to reduce costs and identifies frequently overlooked sources of assistance. With the information included, caregivers can lessen the financial burdens and enhance their parents' safety. The article is available to subscribers for immediate download. A companion checklist containing useful tips is available free of charge to all visitors to the Parent Care website.

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