Author Says Obama and McCain Fail to Confront the Real Reasons for America’s Decline

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Award-winning author James R. Olson asserts that both candidates are ignoring the three changes that must happen for America to fulfill its destiny. In his political novel, author Olson suggests three essential changes necessary to turn around America's downward spiral.

winning author James R. Olson, this year’s primary elections clearly indicated that the American people are dismayed with the direction the country is taking; and Olson, who authored the political novel “An Unchained Eagle,” offers up three essential points of advice to reverse America’s downward spiral.

“America is searching for a President who can control the voracious monster our Federal Government has become,” says Olson. “However, the President of the United States, alone, doesn’t have the power to make the necessary changes.”

According to Olson, there are no less than three essential changes that must happen in order to reverse America’s downward spiral:

1.    Congressional term limits – Congress raises or lowers taxes and passes the laws that are slowly, but surely eroding our freedoms. Only by limiting congressional terms will our elected representatives spend their efforts and our money for the good of the nation rather than for their own re-elections.

2.    A balanced budget – Each year this country spends far more money than it raises. Any responsible citizen knows this is a certain path to disaster. If the average household must balance its budget, the Federal government should be forced to do the same.

3.    The line item veto – If the President had the power to veto sections of pending legislation, it would be possible to eliminate much of the pork barrel spending upon which Congress wastes our money.

About “An Eagle Unchained”

Released in February 2008, “An Eagle Unchained” dramatically portrays the story of Theodore Winston Hale’s campaign for the Presidency and his efforts to enact the three changes that will save America. The career politicians and the political machines fight him every step of the way, and when the American people begin to respond to his message, they resort to the ultimate weapon, assassination.

“An Eagle Unchained is a must read for everyone who cares about America and wants to regain control of their government,” says Olson.

“An Eagle Unchained,” 336 pages, (ISBN: 978-0-9800716-0-3 paperback and 978-0-9800716-1-0 hardcover) is available through Erian Press ( ), Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Baker & Taylor, Ingram, and at bookstores nationwide.

About the author:

When he's not writing exceptional fiction, James R. Olson is actively involved in the marketing process. His writing awards include The Border Regional Library Association's Fiction Award for literary excellence and enriching the cultural heritage of the Southwest; The Council for Wisconsin Writers Best Fiction Book of the Year; and The Evelyn Oppenheimer "Oppie" Award for Best Book of the Year in the category of Historical Fiction. His novel, The Vagabond Healer was nominated for the 2008 Pulitzer Prize.


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