Form I-9 Compliance, LLC Incorporates New Enhancements to the E-Verify System into its Web-Based Service

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The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), through its agent, Computer Science Corporation (CSC), has formally "certified" Form I-9 Compliance's Web Services integration, thereby enabling Form I-9 Compliance's E-Verify users to receive the full benefit of these new enhancements. Form I-9 Compliance is the first Designated Agent to be so "certified" and able to provide this latest version of E-Verify Web Services to its clients.

Form I-9 Compliance, LLC, the first federally approved Designated Agent of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Social Security Administration (SSA) for web-based employment verification through E-Verify (formerly known as The Basic Pilot Program), is pleased to announce that its clients will now benefit directly from new E-Verify enhancements. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), through its agent Computer Science Corporation (CSC), has formally "certified" Form I-9 Compliance's Web Services integration, thereby enabling Form I-9 Compliance's E-Verify users to receive the full benefit of these new enhancements. Form I-9 Compliance is the first Designated Agent to be so "certified" and able to provide this latest version of E-Verify Web Services to its clients.

Many of the changes resulting from these enhancements were made behind the scenes in the Form I-9 Compliance application. Some of the major enhancements that will affect Form I-9 Compliance system users include changes for processing tentative non-confirmations for potentially naturalized citizens. This will reduce the number of tentative non-confirmations and make it easier for employees to correct their records with DHS or SSA. This enhancement will also add a number of databases to E-Verify to help improve accuracy of records and reduce tentative non-confirmation responses.

The New E-Verify Enhancements Include the Following:

SSA Referral:
The employee no longer needs to bring the employer their SSA Referral Letter signed by SSA as proof that they have visited the SSA office. The employment authorization message will be transmitted electronically from SSA and will be indicated in the employee's E-Verify Result Page in the Form I-9 Compliance system. The employer will receive an immediate email notification from Form I-9 Compliance's electronic system regarding the employee's employment authorization status.

SSA Referral- Naturalized or Derivative Citizens:
Naturalized or derivative citizens who "Contest" a Tentative Nonconfirmation (TNC) response from SSA, now have the option to resolve their TNC by calling DHS's toll free number instead of visiting a SSA field office. This option is only available for naturalized or derivative citizens. Employees who are referred to SSA and who are naturalized and or derivative citizens will be provided with additional instructions for contacting DHS by their Form I-9 Compliance system-generated SSA Referral Letter.

New Required Data Fields- Foreign Passport With Attached I-94 and Lawful Permanent Resident With Attached I-551 Stamp:
Through its seamless integration with the E-Verify system, Form I-9 Compliance's application will process Passport and Visa information using protocols that will help ensure compliant recording of data and minimize processing time.

As the leader in "Best of Breed" web-based electronic error-detecting I-9 Forms, and in conjunction with its patent pending seamless interface (EVP) with E-Verify, Form I-9 Compliance continues to be in the forefront of offering the most up-to-date and comprehensive electronic I-9 Form solutions available in the marketplace. Form I-9 Compliance's latest technological enhancements include the offering of customized reports and data feeds, enabling employers to manage their I-9 Form processes to levels that rival and/or exceed the most sophisticated applications included in the most robust HRIS platforms. With its recently introduced "Super User" functionality, an organization's entire I-9 Form process can be managed by a dedicated person(s) in a central setting on a real time basis. This functionality is being utilized by several of Form I-9 Compliance's Fortune 50 clients, as well as smaller organizations that seek to maintain consistent and comprehensive I-9 Form compliance in geographically disbursed operations.

About Form I-9 Compliance, LLC:
With the passage of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, Form I-9 Compliance's Chief Executive Officer, John M. Hermann worked closely with DHS' predecessor agency, the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), to assist in the development of the original I-9 Form and has been providing comprehensive I-9 Form consulting and Auditing services for almost 22 years.

In 2005, Form I-9 Compliance announced its patent pending proprietary web-based I-9 Form application that is fully and electronically integrated with DHS' E-Verify system. In its official role as a Designated Agent approved by DHS, Form I-9 Compliance served as DHS' beta test partner for its then newly developed web-based program. In June, 2006, Form I-9 Compliance announced it had been formally "certified" by DHS to process Basic Pilot Program queries through the federal government's web services protocols. In June, 2007, Form I-9 Compliance announced the development of its "Best Practices" Legal Work Authorization Continuum. This unique and simplified graphic representation enables organizations to compare their current I-9 Form administration practices against three clearly delineated levels of compliance, (Non-Compliance, Basic Compliance and Integrated Compliance) and provides a simplified approach to quantifying actual financial liability for maintaining non-compliant and/or "missing" I-9 Forms. In a November, 2007 announcement, Form I-9 Compliance evidenced its leading edge approach to I-9 Form administration by citing the fact that its electronic error-detecting I-9 Form had already captured the document changes incorporated in the newly announced and legally binding I-9 Form a full two years in advance of this legal mandate.

In commenting on the dramatic growth Form I-9 Compliance has experienced in the last year, Mr. Hermann stated that, "to our knowledge, our firm is the only company in the United States that focuses exclusively on the I-9 Form and related processes. Whether it is our web-based electronic I-9 Form, seamless integration with E-Verify, semi-automated I-9 Auditing Process or "No-Match" verification through the Social Security Number Verification Service (SSNVS), our leveraging of technology to deliver these services is unparalleled in our market niche".

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