Four Tips to Help Executives Address Personal Sustainability, Engagement and Performance Improvement

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Studies show when you move a "disengaged employee" to an "engaged employee", you get a twenty percent increase in productivity. Not bad performance improvement. Here are four tips by which effective leaders can address personal sustainability, engagement and performance improvement.

Executive coach and performance improvement expert Anese Cavanaugh has just released a series of free articles on her web site. The article, Performance Improvement: Dare to Elevate Engagement, is available for immediate download at

Only 21% of the global workforce considers themselves actively engaged in their work. According to Cavanaugh, actively engaged means that the worker is loyal, passionate, positive and enjoying their work. "38% are actively disengaged (meaning they're complaining, bringing morale down or looking for another job). And the remaining 41% aren't sure where they stand. Wow!" she discloses.

The good news is that if you can elevate the engagement of your workers, you will see a variable increase in performance improvement. "Studies show that if you can move a 'disengaged employee' to be an 'engaged employee', you get an instant twenty percent increase in productivity. Not bad performance improvement. Seems to me that would be worth the effort. How about you?" challenges the knowledgeable executive coach.

Cavanaugh reports that some of the biggest concerns within the 'disengaged and unsure categories' are:

  • Lack of a good work/life balance.
  • Lack of understanding how their work is important or impacts the bottom line.
  • Not being matched up with roles that evoke their passions and strengths.
  • Not being recognized or engaged by their leaders enough.

The article outlines four performance improvement tips by which the effective leader can address these issues. "These are all things you can start doing for your work/life balance in one way or another today. So pick one thing or four, whatever feels meaningful and do-able. Something that you can write down (right now) and with which you can create a tangible action plan," coaches the work/life balance authority.

Download the article now for the four tips that will help the effective leader address personal sustainability, engagement and performance improvement - all at the same time.

To access the business coach's complete article series, visit

Anese Cavanaugh, founder of Dare To Engage, is devoted to helping forward-thinking business leaders become revered leaders in business and life while they build a more authentically engaged workforce, retain top talent, and support personal sustainability throughout their organizations. With degrees and credentials in the areas of kinesiology, leadership development, productivity, coaching and wellness, Anese brings a fresh perspective to experiential leadership training and fully-engaged living, celebrating and honoring the hero within each person. For more about Anese or the Dare To Engage Programs or to receive a complimentary report and audio on "Three Key Strategies to Lead Your Energy & Create Results (in business, in life & in leadership)" go to

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