Somebody's Always Hungry Chosen by ForeWord Magazine

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One of seven books featured in ForeWord Magazine's July/August issue's Parenting section, Juliet Johnson's book is chosen over hundreds of other titles.

...the book is a lighthearted but gutsy meditation on time, mortality and surrender.

Somebody's Always Hungry, a new book by author Juliet Johnson (aka Juliet Myfanwy Johnson), has been chosen for ForeWord Magazine's July/August issue as one of the seven featured books (out of hundreds submitted) in its Parenting section.

ForeWord, published six times a year, is still the only magazine showcasing critical reviews and title trends exclusively from the independent publishing market. Its readership is a blend of over 25,000 librarians, booksellers, publishers, and agents.

To quote the article: "Somebody's Always Hungry would be a great gift for a smart woman who suddenly finds that most of her conversations and activities revolve around providing food for ungrateful little people who make enormous messes. Juliet Myfanwy Johnson is clearly just such a woman, one who gave herself so totally to the experience of motherhood that her children and their impromptu needs and desires produce almost a second self -- who is able to observe, often sardonically, the ridiculous packages of love, noise, and sheer silliness that are her offspring.... It won't take many pages for even the most exhausted, cow-like-feeling, grumpy, over-touched mom to relax into recognition and laughter."

Said Juliet recently: "I grew up hanging around the back lot of Universal Studios with my brothers while my dad made television shows... especially under the shadow of his classic, The Bionic Woman. I grew up thinking a woman had to be beautiful and be able to run really fast in slow motion while working for the government. Finding out how to be a regular mom without superpowers has been enlightening."

Juliet Johnson's non-fiction has been published in Los Angeles Family, Mamazine, MOMbo and The Imperfect Parent, as well as in three anthologies of short stories. She is a produced playwright and would-be screenwriter (eight screenplays). She also has written a short novel, entitled Large, and a collection of short stories called Open Wider.

Ms. Johnson's book has yet to receive anything less than glowing recognition. Released on Mother's Day, Somebody's Always Hungry continues to gain friends around the world:

"'Somebody's Always Hungry' is a little cupcake of a book covered with sprinkles of joy. Thank goodness for Juliet Myfanwy Johnson's guttural honesty about raising a young family...." -- Mitch Turnbull, May, 2008, Devon, England, in reviews

"Why should an American's experiences with her kids in California have such resonance to me here in Sydney? She's touching some sort of universal heart with her stories (a heart with an immense sense of humour). I feel like she knows my children by heart." -- Martin Cohn, May, 2008 on, a widely visited Australian parenting website

"Somebody's Always Hungry is just delightful. A warm, funny and loving read that resonates with mothers everywhere." -- Helen Williams, March, 2008, family therapist, editor and publisher, Consistent Parenting, in Aukland, New Zealand

All of which joins the early stateside response:

"...the book is a lighthearted but gutsy meditation on time, mortality and surrender." -- Julia Gibson, May 4, 2008 in Imperfect Parent Magazine

"This is a must-read for every new mother and father -- a guidebook to living the joys of parenthood." -- Don Vandervort, May, 2008 in

"Johnson creates a simple, eloquent narrative; the universality of her experience will touch all mothers, even (perhaps especially) those whose children have long grown beyond those precious, fleeting first five years." -- Debra Ginsberg, April 23, 2008, ShelfAwareness

Somebody's Always Hungry is published by Nell Books, an imprint of Wyatt/MacKenzie Publishing in Deadwood, Oregon. It is available from traditional on-line outlets and from the book's website at as well in selected independent bookstores.

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