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Lysander Blackmore--husband, father, banker, adulterer, and all around villain--affects the lives of everyone around him. Even after his death, his memory haunts people. Those who knew Lysander inflict such shame upon themselves that they become trapped in narrow lives.

Lysander Blackmore is someone everyone knows, and yet no one really knows him. People suffer from his actions, but they cannot understand what motivates his behavior. How he affects those around him, creating a world of shame and confusion, is dissected in "Narrow Lives" (ISBN 9780979179037, ABISVC 2008).

Lysander Blackmore was born into money. He married into money. He found a suitable position in the banking world. He could have been a respectable leader of society. But Lysander enjoys women, money, and trickery. He thinks nothing of cheating on his wife, cheating his friends, and cheating his bank's patrons. And then he blows his brains out.

Why did Lysander Blackmore commit suicide? The town of Marquette is full of rumors. Did he lose his fortune in the 1929 stock market crash? Was he finally ashamed of the way he treated people? Will his wife be able to show her face in town? How will his children react to their father's suicide? Can his bastard son overcome the loneliness created by everyone in town whispering about him?

"Narrow Lives" is a dynamic novel--a collection of short stories, each told in first person by someone who knew or was influenced by Lysander Blackmore. Cecilia Haslett harbors a secret Lysander does not know. Lydia Blackmore learns of her husband's infidelities and has a difficult choice to make. Scofield Blackmore tries to understand the father he never knew who left his bastard child to face a life of shame. "Narrow Lives" explores the influence one person has, even in death, upon others, and the prisons of grief, loneliness, and fear self-created when people doubt their own worthiness.

Author Tyler R. Tichelaar returns to the time and place of his regionally bestselling "The Marquette Trilogy," but "Narrow Lives," rather than being a nostalgic look at the past, recalls the social restrictions and hypocrisies of the early twentieth century. Many of those outdated and narrow-minded beliefs still control people's lives today. Readers will remember this tour-de-force novel as the book that woke them from personal fears to lives of possibility.

About the Author
Tyler R. Tichelaar is a seventh generation resident of Marquette, Michigan, the setting for his historical novels. He has a Ph.D. in literature, has lectured on writing and literature across the United States and Great Britain, and is the Associate Editor at Reader Views. He previously published the regionally bestselling "The Marquette Trilogy." He credits the roar of Lake Superior, Upper Michigan blizzards, sandstone architecture, and family stories as his inspiration.

"Narrow Lives" (ISBN 9780979179037, ABISVC 2008) can be purchased through online bookstores. For more information, visit the author's website Publicity contact: Review copies available upon request.


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