Tilana Systems Announces Enterprise Product Line Featuring Tilana RealCDP Enterprise Suite

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Formerly available only for SaaS deployments, Tilana now also ships as a complete client-server CDP and storage based sync system for corporate networks running Windows Server and Microsoft SQL.

Protection, Access, Synchronization, Anytime, Anywhere, Always™

Tilana Systems Corporation today announced the availability of its Tilana RealCDP™ Enterprise Suite™ for corporate networks. The system enables Windows based server and mobile PC networks with the robust set of Tilana features including encrypted true real time online CDP ("Continuous Data Protection" from automated schedule-free immediate backup transfers), folder and file synchronization, automatic archive, unlimited versioning, and web/mobile data center access.

Multi-computer sync has been available for some time as a peer-to-peer (P2P) utility, which uses no storage in between the computers being synced, and online storage has most widely been used for backup alone. However the recent emergence of services that offer multi-computer synchronization through online central storage has begun to get the attention of industry analysts.

"Server based synchronization for multiple PCs is a natural progression from online backup," said Tom Coughlin, of Coughlin Associates. "The concept of automatic online content syncing between computers through cloud storage is very new and for the most part only available in a service model."

Tom is the Founder and President of Coughlin Associates (http://www.tomcoughlin.com), a highly reputed storage industry consultancy. Mr. Coughlin is also a senior member of many storage industry associations, as well as the founder and organizer of the annual Storage Visions Conference (http://www.storagevisions.com), which celebrated its seventh year at the Las Vegas show in January 2008.

Tilana sees real opportunity in making online storage-based synchronization available as an SMB and enterprise network installation.

"Corporate networks can now benefit from the same robust data protection and access as online services powered by Tilana," said Joe Austin, Tilana CEO. Now corporate office PCs, laptops, and staff home computers can all be automatically updated in real time as employees work, and automatically backed up to corporate servers all at once."

The server component is called Tilana RealCDP™, which installs on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and 2000, and uses Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Microsoft IIS 6.0 with ASP.net 2.0 is required to implement the web access portion of the system called Tilana WebClient™.

Desktop software called Tilana Client™ for Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000 includes encrypted real time CDP ("Continuous Data Protection" from automated schedule-free immediate backup transfers), folder and file synchronization across multiple computers, unlimited versioning, all through a secure and Web accessible Personal Digital Archive™ on the Tilana RealCDP enabled server.

Normally priced at $995 per server (per year), limited introductory licensing for Tilana RealCDP Enterprise Suite is $595 per server and includes Tilana RealCDP server software, Microsoft SQL interface, Tilana Client desktop software access, Tilana WebClient access, and Tilana MobileClient™ (for devices running Windows Mobile™ 5 & 6).

Introductory end user account licensing is $79.95 per single seat account key, which enables allocating a single authentication code to a single storage account user (purchased in quantities of 10, regular price $149.95). A single Authentication code can be used to enable any number of computers with the Tilana Client software for automated backup, sync, and archive operations through the same storage account.

The Mac OS X version of Tilana Client, currently in final testing, automatically syncs content from Mac to PC and back, while continuously backing up to the Tilana RealCDP enabled Windows server in between. Unlimited version history is saved on the server where it is continuously updated with each change saved on either OS. Files stored on the server as backup copies, or as offloaded archive, remain there until manually deleted by the user.

The Tilana Client desktop software installs in about a minute and requires little if any configuration. Users can choose to enable an unlimited number of computers with the software, and then selectively protect and/or synchronize files and folders on those computers via their Personal Digital Archive™ on corporate servers enabled with Tilana RealCDP.

To learn more about Tilana RealCDP Enterprise Suite, and to purchase licenses, please visit the Tilana Enterprise web site (http://enterprise.tilana.com).

Tilana RealCDP Enterprise Suite is also easily co-branded for VAR distribution. To learn more about partnership opportunities with Tilana Systems, and to apply as a partner, please visit the Tilana partner web site (http://partner.tilana.com)

About Tilana Systems Corporation:
San Diego based Tilana Systems Corporation brings true value to cloud storage, by providing continuous data protection, permanent archival, web & mobile access, version history, and multi-computer synchronization on one balanced, quickly deployed, versatile, and extensible online CDP data protection and storage based synchronization platform.

Storage systems built on the Tilana Cloud platform provide end users the best kind of data protection, with encrypted true real time CDP ("Continuous Data Protection" from automated schedule-free immediate backup transfers), automated multi-computer content synchronization, and secure remote archive, with unlimited version history that enables instant any-point-in-time content recovery from PCs, Web browsers, and mobile devices.

Please visit http://www.tilana.com for more information on Tilana Reserve and Tilana Systems Corp.

The names Tilana™, Tilana RealCDP™, Tilana Client™, Tilana WebClient™, Tilana MobileClient™, Tilana Cloud™, Tilana Reserve™, PayOnce™, and Personal Digital Archive™, as well as their associated pinecone logos and the name, are all trademarks of Tilana Systems Corporation. The words "Cure for the Common Backup™" and "Protection, Access, Synchronization, Anytime, Anywhere, Always™," when used together and in sequence, and whether used in whole or in part, are also trademarks of Tilana Systems Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


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