"How to Deal With Energy Vampires ... The People Who Suck Your Energy" Revealed by Hale Dwoskin, Featured Teacher in the Blockbuster Book and Film, "The Secret"

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How to most effectively deal with those people who just seem to suck the energy out of you has been revealed by Hale Dwoskin, author of the New York Times best seller The Sedona Method and featured teacher in the mega-bestseller The Secret.

The best thing to do is to use The Sedona Method to let go of wanting to defend, justify or explain yourself and honor your own inner power and knowingness

Hale Dwoskin, featured teacher in the blockbuster book and film "The Secret" and author of The New York Times bestseller The Sedona Method, has revealed how to most effectively deal with energy vampires.

Almost everyone knows at least one energy vampire. It could be the guy in the next cubicle who drones on about how much he hates his job. Or maybe it's a neighbor, who is always needing a hand but is never around to lend one.

"If you always feel drained when you are around -- or after you leave -- a particular person, or if you find yourself feeling like you need to defend, justify or explain yourself to them then you are probably with a person that you are either quite reactive to or is an energy vampire, so to speak," says Hale Dwoskin, CEO and director of training of Sedona Training Associates.

Energy vampires are well known for:

  • Intruding on your life and crossing spoken, and unspoken, boundaries
  • Being drama queens (and kings)
  • Complaining often and feeling like they're a "victim"
  • Focusing on the negative
  • Blaming others (and not taking responsibility) for their unhappiness
  • Being critical
  • Controlling the conversation and needing to be the center of attention

The danger in being around energy vampires comes in their ability to suck the positive energy right out of people. This is why people feel mentally, and probably physically tired after meeting with one. If one is constantly surrounded by this type of draining personality, it's entirely possible that their negativity will rub off.

However, though it's typically easy to identify an energy vampire, it's not so easy to walk away from one. After all, people don't want to appear rude, impolite or insensitive. So what's a conscientious person to do?

"The best thing to do is to use The Sedona Method to let go of wanting to defend, justify or explain yourself and honor your own inner power and knowingness," Dwoskin says.

If people still feel drained when dealing with this person, the next step may be ending the relationship.

"If you have a choice and the draining persists, remember it is also OK to leave," Dwoskin says. "Avoid forcing yourself to stay in a relationship or situation that is not supportive of you and your releasing."

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For more insights on the topic of releasing, Hale Dwoskin, New York Times Best-Selling author of The Sedona Method, featured expert in the film and New York Times bestseller "The Secret," and CEO and Director of Training of Sedona Training Associates, is available for interviews. Sedona Training Associates is an organization that teaches courses based on the emotional releasing techniques originated by Hale Dwoskin's mentor, Lester Levenson. Dwoskin is an international speaker and featured faculty member at Esalen and the Omega Institute. For over a quarter century, he has regularly been teaching The Sedona Method techniques to individuals and corporations throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Visit http://www.Sedona.com .


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