Total Pop Star with Joey Lawrence, Deborah Gibson and Andrew Van Slee to Broadcast LIVE Daily During Finale Showdown

Total Pop Star's Joey Lawrence, Deborah Gibson and Andrew Van Slee are joined by the Season 1 finalists in Hollywood, where they will compete to win the crown title for 2008. Visit now to learn more about the final six contestants coming to HOLLYWOOD! The entire finale week showdown will be simulcast LIVE via the Internet, all day/everyday, starting Saturday, June 14th through Saturday, June 21st, just by visiting!

Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) June 14, 2008

You've just watched another season of American Idle come and go. Or was that the same season repeated?

Isn't it time to treat yourself to something totally better?

On June 29th, the first TOTAL POP STAR will be crowned.

TPS is shot where REAL Americans do their singing -- their bedrooms and living rooms. Performances are submitted in YouTube-like video clips to

"Real talent doesn't require a soundstage and hair and makeup people," says Universal Music's Van Slee, who created the series. "And it doesn't require that you travel hundreds of miles to a specific city and wait in line for hours and hours."

And absolutely everyone with a musical dream -- no matter how young or old -- can enter and be judged by Van Slee and his better-looking co-horts, 16-times platinum singer Deborah Gibson and Nickelodeon god Joey Lawrence.

Some of the most totally talented finds so far are our six finalists, Casey Lee Smith from Glendale, AZ, Destinee Q. from Surprise, AZ, Colton from South Wales, NY, DaNica from Red Lion, PA, Selyne from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and Shanta from Los Angeles, CA, plus a lady with so much Botox around her mouth that she actually can't sing. (OK, so maybe she's not that totally talented. Just kidding, there's no lady with too much Botox in this finale.)

Visit now to learn more about the final six contestants coming to HOLLYWOOD! You'll be able to see all the finale week action LIVE via your computer, all day/everyday, starting Saturday, June 14th through Saturday, June 21st, just by visiting!

TPS not only finds tomorrow's stars, it nudges them along. The winner receives a recording contract and prizes worth over $150,000.

Still not convinced that TPS is totally better? Read on, infidel...

  • Our finalists get to physically collaborate with our judges, resulting in a new single for our winner to perform.
  • Rather than texting votes at a certain time (and getting charged for contributing to the show!) viewers rate as many videos on the site at their leisure.
  • Our judging panel is Simon-free and emotionally stable. (Well, Joey did shave his head like Britney Spears did, but that doesn't make him unstable. Does it?)

According to web-ranking company Alexa, is one of the worst-kept secrets on the Web, rocketing from the 6 millionth ranked site in Nov. 2007 to the 80,000th in March. And each week shows an increase of 50 percent new unique site visitors.

It seems that everybody ELSE is checking us out. What are you waiting for? American Idle to start again?

A final round of voting for six singers runs from June 23-26. The 2008 winner will be crowned LIVE via the Internet on June 29th at 5:00 p.m. ET/2:00 p.m. PT.

TOTAL POP STAR, launched by IFA DOT COM, LLC is the world's first and biggest online singing competition! No long lines, no missed opportunities and best of all, no Simon! Mashing up the appeal of the internet with the ever-hot music industry, TOTAL POP STAR seeks to uncover the next singing sensation from amidst the masses and plant launch them into super stardom! The TOTAL POP STAR Celebrity Judges and Hosts are the highly recognizable faces of this multi-platform venture providing our online audience insight into all things TOTAL POP STAR.

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