The Homeowners Consumer Center Urges Insurance Agents and Real Estate Agents to Tell Their Clients to Update Their Homeowners Insurance Policies Now

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Americas Watchdog created the Homeowners Consumer Center as a result of Hurricane Katrina. Americas Watchdog was based in New Orleans before, during, and after Hurricane Katrina. The Homeowners Consumer Center is the number one homeowners web site in the nation that addresses the most important homeowner issues, including insurance. According to Americas Watchdog, "because of our extreme fear about the storm and hurricane season of 2008, we are literally begging insurance agents and real estate agents to contact their clients about updating their homeowners insurance policy. "I had eight feet of water in my house, and I should have had better insurance, every US homeowner needs to update their insurance policy now, before its to late".

Americas Watchdog's Homeowners Consumer Center is actually begging insurance agents and real estate agents to tell their clients to update or upgrade their homeowners insurance policy before the 2008 storm season gets into full swing. The President of Americas Watchdog & its Homeowners Consumer Center has good reason to make this appeal. "I was in New Orleans before, during and after Katrina, my house was partially destroyed with eight feet of water, that sat there for 10 days. I never want to see another American go through what I, and my neighbors went through. I now have a number one rule -- don't think it will not happen to you, when it comes to your home or your homeowners insurance policy". (Http://HomeownersConsumerCenter.Com)

The Homeowners Consumer Center is requesting that every US real estate agent and every US insurance agent e-mail their clients with this press release. The group is also encouraging all homeowners to e-mail this press release to their neighbors. According to Americas Watchdog & the Homeowners consumer Center, "Not one state is safe. The entire East Coast & Gulf Coast could get hammered with hurricanes, so homeowners need to make sure they have flood coverage, proper replacement coverage for the structure, loss of use if the home is not livable, and flood contents coverage. In the Mid West, it has already been a record storm year, and its just early June. In the Mountain West, you have to worry about storms & wild fires. On the West Coast you have to worry about earthquake & and what could be record wild fires". (Http://HomeownersConsumerCenter.Com)

"Again we are begging US homeowners to update and upgrade their homeowners insurance policy"

Extra Important Note: With the current US economic slowdown, homeowners are encouraged to provide their homeowners insurance company with a documented list of all computers, TV's, jewelry, antiques, or anything else of value. If your home is burglarized these items will not be covered unless your insurance agent and the insurance company know about and have included these items on your policy.

All US car owners should also make certain that their auto insurance has vandalism or break in coverage, in the event a citizens car is damaged by gas thieves.

The Homeowners Consumer Center is also suggesting the following for every US homeowner:

  • Keep your insurance policy, mortgage documents, financial paperwork, pass ports, etc in a fire proof, water proof, safe, box, or container. A safety deposit box is a good back up, but what if the bank is under water as was the case for Americas Watchdog in New Orleans.
  • Take pictures of all interior and exterior areas of your home and keep the pictures in your safe, fire/water proof box or safety deposit box. (keep the pictures current)
  • Every family should have an evacuation plan for their home in the event of fire.
  • Every family should have functional smoke detectors in each room or hallway, along with a working flash light in each room.
  • For the entire East Coast & Gulf Coast, every homeowner should have a hurricane evacuation plan, that includes a safe meeting area outside of the area at risk.
  • For area specific emergency planning, homeowners should check with their local fire department or State emergency planning office.

According to Americas Watchdog, "We wish 2008 would be safe for every US homeowner, we wish there would be no fires, hurricanes, storms or earthquakes, but we all know that will not happen. So we are recommending that all US homeowners do the right thing and update, and upgrade their homeowners insurance policy. We would never want one soul to have to go through what we went through with Katrina". The Homeowners Consumer Center's web site is located at Http://HomeownersConsumerCenter.Com . Members of the news media can call the group at 866-714-6466.

As a favor the group is asking anyone who reads this e-mail to pass it onto their friends, co-workers, family members, colleagues, and neighbors.

The Homeowners Consumer Center is all about consumer protection and homeowner education.

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