Demand for GPS Fleet Tracking Soars in 2008 -- 6 Reasons Why

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Due to the need to manage costs during a slow economy, many companies are utilizing GPS fleet tracking systems. GPS tracking systems have long been known to reduce fuel costs, labor costs, improve productivity, and eliminate theft. The federal government is also providing special tax benefits as part of the 2008 Economic Stimulus that can be used to purchase a GPS tracking system. This article discusses 6 reasons why companies are purchasing GPS fleet tracking systems to fight the slowing economy.

GPS tracking systems are extremely popular now because fleets are utilizing them to minimize the negative impact of a slowing economy. In fact, Field Technologies' sales of GPS tracking devices are up 266% during the first 6 months of 2008 from the same time period in 2007. This significant increase in sales is attributed to fleets that are purchasing GPS tracking systems for the 6 reasons below:

1. Reduce Fuel Costs. With fuel prices at an all-time high, fleets are looking for ways to curb excessive speeding, idling, and personal use of company vehicles. Eliminating these activities using a GPS tracking system can significantly reduce fuel consumption. A recent study conducted by the Aberdeen Group found that fleets have reduced their fuel bills by an average of 13.2% by using GPS tracking systems.

2. Reduce Labor Costs. Employees feeling the pinch with personal expenses such as higher fuel and food prices are undoubtedly tempted to report more hours than actually worked or work slower to increase overtime pay. GPS tracking systems can automatically monitor total hours worked each day as well as every stop vehicles have made. This ensures that companies are only paying their employees for time actually worked. The Aberdeen study also found that companies have reduced their overtime costs by an average of 13.4% after implementing GPS tracking.

3. Improve Productivity. User experience shows that GPS tracking allows companies to do more with less. When business slows, companies typically try to decide which positions to reassign or eliminate. Without a way to monitor which employees are the most productive and which are the least, managers are "shooting in the dark" when deciding which employees to make these adjustments with. In addition, the remaining employees will be much more productive due to a higher level of accountability.

4. Eliminate Theft. As the economy slows down even further, we will undoubtedly see an increase in theft. Companies that take steps now to protect their vehicles and equipment with GPS tracking will avoid becoming a victim. Many insurance companies also offer discounts for vehicles that have GPS tracking devices installed.

5. Special Tax Breaks. The 2008 Federal Economic Stimulus Act provides businesses with significant financial incentives to purchase equipment such as GPS tracking systems. This includes an accelerated depreciation schedule as well as an increase in the amount that can be expensed for equipment purchases. Consulting with an accountant can help determine the tax benefits of buying a GPS tracking system in 2008.

6. Lower System Costs: Pricing for the FieldLogix GPS tracking system is now 45% lower than systems were just 4 years ago. In fact, FieldLogix is one of the most feature-rich and affordable GPS fleet tracking solutions in the market.

About Field Technologies: Field Technologies provides GPS tracking systems to companies throughout the US. The company provides products that operate with technologies developed by industry leaders such as Microsoft, Motorola, T-Mobile, and ESRI. Due to our industry leading products and customer support, Field Technologies has continued to grow dramatically and has GPS devices installed in thousands of vehicles nationwide.

For more information about our products and for a free product demonstration, visit our website at or call us at 888-803-0200.


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