Child Author and Youtube Community Grants Children's Leukemia and Charity Foundations Her Book: Tinklefish

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Child author, Hannah Baek together with the Youtube community to grant children's leukemia foundations and charities case loads of her book. Youtube users volunteered the children's healing organizations closest to their hearts. The book offers a surprising story of life, illness, guilt, and healing that may offer hope and comfort to it's readers. "Tinklefish" won a national Reading Rainbow competition and was featured in the Seattle Times as well as Public Television Channels.

Intrigued in a challenge by Reading Rainbow and KCTS, child author, Hannah Baek wrote a story about "the mysterious Tinklefish." Her story relates how a very special sand dwelling fish with bells in place of scales found water for swimming. When the bells rust, the reader is made to feel the Tinklefish's joy for life turn into despair and even guilt. Ms. Baek's story of the Tinklefish then finishes with a multi-layered climax that suggests hints of alternative healing or atleast new ways for children to see illnesses altogether.

When interviewed by the Seattle Times, Ms. Baek was asked what message she had in mind for other children. Her answer was unpretentious and revealed no soap box in sight, "no message. I just wanted to be in Reading Rainbow." The book itself carries the same innocent tone yet offers a profound undercurrent of comfort for children who discovered illness while simply living out their lives.

Instead of a solo effort, the gift distribution of The Tinklefish Book became a community effort within the community of Youtube viewers. They were called upon in a series of public service videos to submit the address of the Children's Leukemia and charity foundations dearest to their own hearts. The extended Youtube viewers responded in turn by typing in addresses.

Currently, a simple video is being produced showcasing the book as read by Ms. Hannah Baek at age 10. The four minute video spreads helps The Tinklefish spread it's bells to all the children with internet access across the world. For others who do not have online access, The Tinklefish Endeavor asks that their shipping addresses be submitted for a hard copy of the book.

The Tinklefish book ships with a real silver bell on a touch-color sensitive band. Children can wear the band reminding them that The Tinklefish overcame illness by choosing a broader perspective. In any case, even if a child's illness does not change, after The Tinklefish, the child's relationship to their illness may go through its own metamorphosis.

The book gifting campaign sponsored by Two Sisters Press is already reaching Childrens' organizations in the UK, India, Canada, and across America. To bolster the effort, a grass roots push to ask popular Youtubers to spread the word is underway. It is uncertain if this is the first online community driven public service effort. What is certain however is that The Tinklefish will be swimming in many waters internationally due to the support of Youtubers who are willing to lookup and type in their favorite charities into the comments field and hit "submit."

To see Youtube videos extending a warm hearted hand out to children's foundations around the world, simple search youtube for the, "Tinklefish." The Tinklefish can also be ordered to be sent as a gift at

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