Future Internet Symposium (FIS2008) - Establishing the Internet Architecture of the Future

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The Future Internet Symposium will be held in Vienna, Austria, September, 28 - 30, 2008 and will be supported by the Austrian Computer Society (OCG).

The Future Internet Symposium (FIS2008) is a new event designed to bring together leading researchers to collaborate and contribute to the science behind the vision. Like the EU's Future Internet initiative, it will be multidisciplinary and seek to integrate research and researchers from all facets of the internet enterprise.

The symposium will be highly interdisciplinary, open to all scientific areas, with an emphasis on the technologies driving the development of Web 3.0: semantics and services.
Research should address the key challenges facing the Internet:

Scalability in the face of peer-to-peer traffic, decentralisation, and increased openness
Trust when government, medical, financial and personal data are increasingly trusted to the cloud, and middleware will increasingly use dynamic service selection
Interoperability of semantic data and metadata, and of services which will be dynamically orchestrated
Pervasive usability for users of mobile devices, different languages, cultures and physical abilities
Mobility for users who expect a seamless experience across spaces, devices and velocities
The program will be international in scope, and focused on research, especially that which crosses the traditional boundaries of our field. It will host original research papers, invited talks from leading academic and industrial researchers, workshops, panel sessions and tutorials.
FIS 2008 will deal with the main requirements our Future Internet must satisfy:

an Internet of Things, where every electronic device will be an active participant in the network;

an Internet of Services, where applications live in the network, and data becomes an active entity;

an Internet of Content & Media, where most of the contents are generated by end-users;

an Internet of Publicity, Privacy and Anonymity, where people and software must understand how much trust to extend to others;

an Internet of Mobility and Ubiquity, where connectivity everywhere is expected, and depended upon.

The conference welcomes submissions of original, high quality papers in all the areas of research related to the emerging idea of the future internet. The symposium will pay special attention to works that cross the boundaries of the major topics related to the idea of the Internet of the Future, such as "Software and Services", "Networks and Mobility", and "Content & Media". FIS 2008 will also put the emphasis on works that address issues that are "cross-cutting" such topics, such as security, trust, interoperability, reliability, infrastructures and architectures, experimental facilities, networks, service level agreements (SLAs), and semantics.

With over a billion users, today's Internet is arguably the most successful human artefact ever created. The Internet's physical infrastructure, software and content now play an integral part of the lives of everyone on the planet, whether they interact with it directly or not.

FIS2008 is organized by Semantic Technology Institute International (STI International http://www.sti2.org) with support from the Austrian Computer Society (http://www.ocg.at).
FIS2008 is supported by a number of European Initiatives:

  •     COIN
  •     LarKC
  •     m:Ciudad
  •     Service-Finder
  •     Service Web 3.0
  •     SHAPE
  •     SOA4All
  •     Super
  •     TripCom

The Calls for Papers are still open!
Submission deadline: June 22, 2008

For detail information about the Future Internet Symposium please visit our website at: http://www.fis2008.org

Eva Zelechowski
STI International
p: +4312364002
e: eva DOT zelechowski AT sti2 DOT org


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